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Wrong News vs false news.... dividing line between opinion and history...

Media matters

Every one is an expert in his field. A journalist cannot be dentist and vice versa. If that happens there be chaos leading to wrong diagnosis and false news getting into the media and patients not having their dental problems solved.

Each of the qualified people should stick to their field and not stick their necks out and get themselves guillotined.

Yes, when people start complaining about something they should do their proper study and when they criticize others work, they should have also a ready-made solution in hand of what they would have done to rectify the so wrong and made it right, if they were in the same situation.

Constructive criticism is appreciated not destructive one. But some people, who are know to knee deep in clinical healing of a certain order and also in healing of a holistic kind, unknowingly inflict harm on others. They may or may not have studied psychology and they know a bit about emotions, compassion and humility. They talk a lot about it in one-to-one interactions and preach about it on various forums.

But alas when it comes to practicing the very core principles of having a consideration for others, all of that goes for a toss.

You do not have to go through official channels to point out to the ‘wrong’ done by a certain person in his or her particular field and make an official complain to his or her boss when you know the person against whom the complaint has been made. The channels of communication are multi fold, take up a phone, message or fix a meeting, discuss with him or her the so called ‘wrong’, not complain to his or her colleagues.

But some people have ego problems and want to show superior traits over others. No matter if you have spent 40 years working in Qatar, you do not become a historian and an encyclopedia or a treasure house of knowledge. What you see as history may not be strictly history but a view point expressed by someone of his or her time in Qatar.

History and history writing is left best to the historians. It a pain staking effort and involves a lot of time and effort; everybody does not have time for it. The home fires have to be burning, if non historians write about history without doing their homework, they will be doing injustice to history and the subject they are trying to bring before the readers.

If non-historians try and make an effort to do deep down and bring something which is of importance to their own community, spending more than three months then that work should be published. If has not been published, by the people who were at the heart of the issue, then the people talking about the work after a good eight years should have made effort to get it published, if not in the designated magazine in some other media forums.

Did the people talking about the so-called research work of a religious nature and the sequence of events leading to the current one, make an effort to find out as to what went wrong and what corrective measures had to be taken, so that the similar mistakes are not repeated in the future, vis-à-vis the no publication of the work.

Media in the current age offers different mediums for a persons’ work to be brought to the surface and go public.

My humble request to the people, who are firing loose cannon balls in private, to get hold of the old man who did a lot of research on a particular subject related to Qatar and get it published to do justice to the 70- plus man. If you are not able to do it, leave it to the people in the media field. They will ensure that the material is out in print.

Loose talks do not have help, shed your ego and be humble. Bridge the gap between preaching and practicing.

Last but not the least, there is a difference between fake news and ‘wrong’ news. When someone says it is wrong news, they have to justify why it is wrong news. Your father or your father-in-law doing something for the community or social work or you or your husband been the first Goan child to be in born in Qatar, is not history which needs to be in in print, it also does not give special privileges to talk about certain things which you perceive as history, but in plain fact are just family firsts, nothing more then that.

When one says ‘wrong’ he or she must specify what is wrong with the news and what is the correct news. Simply saying that I spent 32 years in Qatar and my husband spent 40 years in Qatar is incomplete information.

The people making the wrong diagnosis of media, should understand that there is something called documented history and oral history, in the current digital age a lot has been digitalized but some facts and figures have been passed to generations via the oral medium. There will be difference of opinion when it comes to oral history. Nothing is 100 percent correct.

Whether it is historical ‘wrong’ or opinion which has lost direction and ended in a different pathway, it for people to point out. There is a certain decorum and etiquette to be followed and norms to be followed. Handling something in a brash manner without taking the other people feelings and emotions and throwing all available one-to-one communications to the wind, shows the true hidden character which lies behind the mask of an ever-smiling and helpful human being which he or she is portraying to the world through the network they are part of, whether in a religious organization or social forums.

So, it is time for the people to introspect deep down, and reflect on themselves, leaving their healing patients aside. No one would have told them on the face of it their drawbacks, beacuase it takes a lot of guts and courage to tell someone faults on his or her face.

It is appreciative that you have been doing social work for the last 30 plus years but does not give you the license to come to ‘wrongful’ diagonals of a subject matter you do not have an expertise. Please leave the subject to the experts and if you have some advice, please give it in a meaningful way without hurting and taking away the right of livelihood of others.

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