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Who the hell is Vicky Naik and why is messing up with Sachin and with Cuncolim football???

Who the hell is Vicky Naik and why is messing up with Sachin and with Cuncolim football???


Who is the hell is Vicky Naik and why on earth is he messing up with Sachin’s life. There are several Sachin’s out there.

No, we have our Sachin Tendulkar from Goa and the other one from the cricketing world. Our own Sachin Tendulkar is making news in the agriculture world and is based in Dabhal village in South Goa.

Today, we will focus on a third Sachin, who is not into cricket but football. His full name is Sachin Velip and he is attached to the Goa Police based at a police station in Quepem Taluka.

According to information available he is from Balli panchayat area which falls in Quepem taluka.

Till now the story is moving on the right path, on the life journey, football front and work place.

But come January this year, Sachin Velip had butter flies in his stomach not on the football front but off it. He was caught off guard from the goal post he usually keeps guard for his team.

He was at the centre of controversy and created a storm of his own. A volcano which flattened in its path several tall towers one by one.

Many were made to eat the humble pie and were forced to run pillar to post trying to save their skins because of the foolish decision of Sachin Velip. The organizers plans were derailed, the referee’s role was under scrutiny, the match commissioner, if there was any, his role came under the scanner, the team, the official’s role in the serious lapses were all analyzed by the powers to be.

Why it came under close observation was because Paroda inter village team filed a protest against Cuncolim Union inter village team that during their semi final at the Assolna inter village tournament.

What wrong did Sachin do as invite the wrath of Goa Football Association, the football governing body in the state.

Sachin impersonated someone else, that is Vicky Naik and played under his name on an inter village card issued by Goa Football Association.

GFA took almost a month to come to the decision, besides relying on materialistic evidence they also relied on the  circumstantial evidence besides video footage of the match to give their decision.

Afterall, they had to be on the guard, as their decision will be up for scrutiny to the next level of appeal, if and when the aggrieved party to the decision, feels injustice has been done to them and approaches the Jury of Appeal of Goa Football Association.

If impersonation happened what were the referees doing, did they do their jobs properly. How come it ex=scaped their view. That means the cards were not checked properly. Goa football Association needs to sound a warning bell to all officials.

I for one feel that Cuncolim Union should explore all options of appeal to clear the name of the organization if they feel injustice has been done to them.

Coming back to Sachin and the inter village cards, people who are not aware of the rules of Goa football Association and the Private Inter Village football tournament organized by various registered clubs all over Goa need to know that for the purpose of Intervillage tournaments, a group of villages is classified as one village and players from a certain town and from surrounding villages are all classified as a group.

So, players from those group of villages can play for different clubs in different tournaments.

For example, for clubs registered with GFA from Cuncolim, Balli and Ambaulim (not sure if they are included in Cuncolim or in Quepem), the village bordering Cuncolim, ca n field players from the above villages besides Cuncolim.

Next thing is the inter village, who is eligible to get a card and how to get it. For the purpose of registration of an inter village card the player has to furnish his Aadhar card, ration card, birth certificate and to sign the form. An application for the Intervillage card has to be made by the player and under no circumstances the clubs are involved in the process, if we speak from the practical point of view.

The Intervillage players card should be in possession of the player concerned and not with the clubs, since it is the players property.

But what happens on the ground is completely different. The clubs who are running here and there to get the documents and submit it to the GFA and then the inter village card stays out with the club officials and not with the player concerned.

Now the decision to ban Sachin Velip and Cuncolim Union from Inter village tournaments, why has the club been banned for the fault of the player concerned.

Did the club officials know that they were fielding Sachin Velip on an intervillage card which was not his but that of Vicky Naik.

Ironically both Sachin and Vicky work in the Goa Police department. Both are goalkeepers.

Now another question arises why was Sachin Velip inter village card not made, if he was eligible to get one for Cuncolim Intervillage team.

In the whole controversy a lot of finger pointing has happened. But ignorance is no excuse under the eye of the law and no point in shifting the blame and placing is another person’s door.

The outgoing committee, former players, sore over the decision to leave them out having leaked the information have been planted back by the current Executive Committee.

But when you have a hundred people baying for your blood, you need to on the guard and cautions so as to let the guard down.

It is akin to 11 plus players playing against you on the field and off the field.

The damage has been done to Sachin Velip and to Cuncoim Union. Now is the time to do some damage control exercise. The General Body of Cuncolim Union took place on Sunday.

A number of key decisions have been taken some of them include appealing against the decision and if the decision goes against the club to approach the High Court over the decision.

But talking about approaching the High Court, according to GFA statues a club who is aggrieved over the decision of GFA cannot approach the courts, it is same as partied aggrieved by FIA decisions have to appeal the decision with the forum and appellate organizations coming under FIFA.

Cuncolim Union’s next course of action will be to approach the Jury of Appeal. Will they do it.

Will they withdraw their team from First Division team, where they are leading, and create an embarrassing situation for Goa Football Association.

Withdrawing the team from GFA’s First Division without any cause, will invite more wrath and a further suspension and will sound a death knell for the footballers and their livelihood.

Hope better sense prevails for the cause of the football and on the game on which depends the livelihood of several players and officials.







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