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Who cares for Cuncolim Freedom Fighters

Cuncolim Municipality report card

Cuncolim Freedom Fighters memorial in miserable condition

The monument is in poor shape and being misused by members of the public

Due to the negligence of Municipal Council the memorial is now abandoned and have lost their glory. the CMC failed to maintain it and hence this memorial lost its glory

Cuncolim is the land of the freedom fighters but that is all history. Shift to the present age and no cares for history and the freedom fighters who laid down their lives for Goa’s liberation.

Cuncolkars have a pointed question to ask to Cuncolim Muncipal Council (CMC) Chairperson Laxman Naik and to the other councilors of the #smartCuncolim council headed by Congress …… Why they have not been able to renovate and refurbish the Freedom Fighters memorial and Children Park even after ten months in office.

Due to the negligence of the present and past Municipal Council the memorial is now abandoned as CMC failed to maintain it and hence this memorial has lost its glory

In 2008, government had constructed the freedom fighters memorial near Cuncolim bus stand, with the government having spent about fifty lacs to erect the freedom fighter’s memorial which was constructed as a mark of respect to all freedom fighters who had shed their blood for liberating Goa. This memorial which is a pride of State and a landmark of Goas liberation movement was constructed with a special theme.

Names of all freedom fighters were erected on the walls of the memorial. The memorial depicted the theme of victory of good over evil. A huge red pillar in the front and black marbles on the floor with huge mirror was depicting the injustice done by Portuguese and red pillar was depicting the bloody protest by the Cuncolkars. At the side of the memorial a small children park was also constructed. It was like the centre of attraction to all patriotic Goans.

Why has the Cuncolim municipal council not earmarked and sanctioned funds for the upkeep and maintenance of the memorial out of the grants received by the Goa government.

The memorial and the park have been craving for attention for long now for want of upkeep and maintenance. The tile fittings of the memorial have given way long ago and the very names of the freedom fighters have disappeared from the memorial for want of maintenance.

All playing instruments and other facilities provided for students have been broken. Not a single playing equipment is in order. There is no cleanliness inside the memorial huge forest weeds have encroached on the Memorial. The freedom fighters name plates have been destroyed. Benches kept for senior citizens are not in order. This memorial has been misused by some miscreants for parties. Due to the poor condition of monument no body is visiting the place. Negligence of the CMC has put this historical important monument in a miserable condition

Some citizens have urged the government should take up renovation of the memorial through the Goa State Infrastructure Development Corporation (GSIDC) to restore to its glory.

When the state government has received Rs 300 central grants on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Goa’s Liberation, it is in the fitness of things that the government spends a small amount to maintain these memorial as a befitting tribute the freedom fighters from Cuncolim who have sacrificed their lives for the State’s Liberation.

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