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Where to train your child in football in Cuncolim?

Football coaching in Cuncolim.

Are there any football coaching facilities in Cuncolim for young footballers besides the one conducted by Goa Football Development Council-GFDC.Which days of the week and time the coaching is conducted.

Who are the coaches?

Besides the GDFC, any of the clubs conduct coaching sessions????

Are any coaching session held throughout the year by Cuncolim Union at their Cuncolim ground.

What are the Youth development programmes conducted by Cuncolim Union as part of the Youth Development policy.

How many dedicated youth development coaches Cuncolim Union has to be part of their Youth Development programme?

What is the role of the Physical Education Teachers and schools in the development of football talent from Cuncolim.

Are the clubs from the town working in unison with the schools, higher secondary and college for a comprehensive plan for football.

Are any of the clubs from the town taking part in the Goa football Association youth leagues, U 15, U 17, U 19 and in the Baby leagues for Under 10, 12, Under 8.

if that is happening then football is on the right path, otherwise a lot of dedicated people  are needed to move the football plan ahead.

More on Cuncolim football and a strange request which came my way to hold a youth football tournament for school students, which I refused.

Hosting school tournaments is not my cup of tea, the space and the baton has been passed in Cuncolim to dedicated and passionate people, hopefully they will carry forward it. More capable and resourceful are around they will organize it, certainly not me.

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