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Wesley Coutinho, a footballer who faded away from football field

He has the drive, the potential,  the talent and the raw energy to take him far but here he finds himself having rubbed the authorities the wrong way a year ago. Raia Sporting Club striker, Wesley coutinho is kicking his legs around in frustration of being so near yet so far when it came to finding a place in the Goa squad.

Welsey’s story is an untold story.  A twenty year-old having rubbed the powers 
on the wrong side last year. Two Man of the Match awards in the Goa 
Professional League and yet no spot on the Goa squad is what Wesley is ruing 
about. Wesley’s case  got murkier with Coach Mauricio having many quality 
strikers to choose from.

The young man from Cuncolim however was called once before the team was set to 
leave and then told that he was not in the squad after he played a practice 
match for the Goa probables against Salgaocar. The justification given to him 
is that if he plays in the Santosh trophy he will not have a chance to play in 
the under-21 championship.

Strange justification! Who can guarantee that he will be in form and possess 
adequate fitness levels in 4-5 months from now. But then Indian football 
officials have their own ways and fancies of functioning and the current 
behavoiur epitomizes the strange way of handling talent.

You have to give a player his due when he is in form and Wesley is in form - 
no second thoughts about that. When you score a classic goal picking up the 
ball from the center line and forcing your way through the entire Salgoacar 
mid field, defense and then beating Sangram Mukerjee under the goal certainly 
the boy has class and mental attitude to take on the top footballers of the 
country. Wesley did this at Duler grounds, Mapusa against Salgaocar in an 
encounter of the Goa Professional League.

Last season he played truant with the Goa Under-20 team instead choosing to 
play inter village football for Cuncolim and with several phone calls from the 
authorities being ignored. The authorities were left fumbling at the attitude 
of the player.

It was a teenager not taking his football seriously but just as a past time.

Even at the start of the season he was thrown between choosing to emigrate to Dubai for work or follow his love of football. Add to it the family pressures,  Wesley was a confused young man. He promised Dempo SC, Sporting Clube and Churchill Bros that he will turn up for them but ditched all the three.

He did not have his destiny in his hands but the pressure of family dictating his football decisions.  Finally football was the winner with Anthony Pango 
and company convincing him to play for Raia Sporting Club and the rest they 
say is history.

The official word is that he has been held back for the under-21 team. But 
then punitive action was to be taken against Wesley last season but was not 
taken and now it was the right time for the authorities to strike back at 
Wesley with their own game. The Raia Sporting Club president and Wesley know 
the entire episode of Wesley being held back for no football reasons from the 
Santosh trophy.

If the authorities maintain a vengeful attitude on account of events that 
occured last year, then the game of football would  suffer and talent like 
Wesley would be lost forever from this game.

Certainly Wesley deserved a better deal but then it is his own doing and his 
wayward teenage behaviour which led him to slip-up.

Hopefully the striker will take this bitter experience as part of his learning 
experience and turn a new leaf in his football career. A football career which 
is staring in his face with Salgaocar SC, Churchill Bros, Fransa Pax FC and 
Air India - all eager to take on this player on loan for the national football 

Till then we wish him all the luck and that he continue his task of 
accomplishing goals and silencing his critics in the best way he can and that 
is more and more goals from his shots and accurate headers. (ENDS
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