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Uzzo hot to handle; Revolutionary Goans open account with St Andre win

Revolutionary Goans (RG) silent vote make large noise in society post election results, get one MLA

Cuncolim: A large chunk of Goans are fed up by the large influx of migrants in Goa, but they cannot do without them, they need their services in various walks of life. Some of settled here and have erected structures in community owned land ( Comunidade) and have since received official patronage of the Goan politicians and the bureaucracy, who have since converted their illegal structures into legal ones while the average Goan struggles to get all the permissions and have to bribe everybody all the way.

All that has not gone well with the Goan public which hereto has been suffering in silence. Not any more, the frustration and anger has given went in the form of vote for Revolutionary Goans party. There was a deep under current which none of the parties could gauge in the run up before and during the elections. All that is now in the open with RG getting a sizable votes throughout Goa and capping it with one seat from St Andre Constituency.

Will RG be the Shiv Sena of Goa just like it in Maharashtra and protect the interests of the Goans.

RG might have well earn a bad name for their lack of transparency on the funds issue and for targeting small time road hawkers while leaving out the big fish migrants.

But the votes they have got are significant ones.

Lets look at how many votes they got in some 19 constituencies across Goa In Aldona they did not field their candidate

Bicholim ….593, Benaulim 3854, Calangute 2504, Canacona 1599, Cortalim 2431, Cumbarjua 2442, Cuncooim 2316, Curchorem 2103, Curtorim 3479, Dabolim 1129, Fatorda 1505, Maem 3933, Mandrem 1207, Mapusa 996, Marcaim 3488, Margao 722, Murmugao 128, Navelim 2068 and Nuvem 3358

Underestimated by the media the newly registered fledgling Goa regional political party Revolutionary Goans (RG) has done better than the Congress in many constituencies....even better than the AAP forget the Trinamool Congress TMC, the Nationalist Congress Party NCP and even the Shiv Sena!!!

Even some former ministers like the former Goa Forward Party's Siolim MLA Vinod Palyekar polled less than the Revolutionary Goans RG candidate Gauresh Mandrekar who came third with 3134 votes as opposed to the 400 votes of independent candidate Palyekar...

Interestingly in Poriem and Valpoi constituencies, the Revolutionary Goans RG and the AAP candidates polled more votes than the Congress Party....

Also in Pernem, Tivim, Priol, Shiroda, Marcaim, the Revolutionary Goans RG candidate polled more votes than the Congress Dabolim even the Goa NCP president and former minister Jose Philip D'Souza polled less votes than the Revolutionary Goans RG candidate Gajanan Cortalim, the Revolutionary Goans RG candidate Teotonio Costa polled more votes than the BJP candidate Narayan Naik and the AAP candidate and former minister Alina Saldanha...

Even the former minister Mickky Pacheco contesting on the NCP symbol and the former Congress MLA Wilfred D'Sa alias Babashan contesting as an independent candidate polled less votes than the Revolutionary Goans RG candidate Arvind D' Velim, the Revolutionary Goans RG candidate Dagley Fernandes polled more votes than the former minister Filipe Neri Rodrigues contesting on the NCP symbol

In Sanvordem, the Revolutionary Goans RG candidate Vipin Naik polled more votes than the Congress candidates Khemlo Sawant who polled 383 votes as opposed to Naik who polled 2135 votes

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