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Unorganised Cuncolim Market tarnishes the look of the town

CMC is seen to be reluctant about its maintenance, put a check on the business openly running without licence


CUNVOLIM: The huge market complex at Cuncolim, which was apparently the best organised market complex of South Goa is in complete disorder. Almost twelve years back Former MLA and then Urban Development Minister Joaquim Alemao had gifted this market complex to Cuncolkars, built under GSUDA funds. Cuncolkars remember that the complex had fish market, chicken and meat market, flower market and the vegetable Market in demarcated areas. It had open space for parking, store rooms, and even place provided to local traditional farmers. It was also facilitated with sanitation block and rest room for vendors.
The Cuncolkars lament that neither the vendors nor local farmers pay any heed to the maintenance of the market rules; the municipal council is observed to be equally reluctant about holding the administrative rein tightly.
All vendors are seen sitting haphazardly, toilet are stinking due lack of maintenance. Some unknown miscreants had even encroached part of the council property. Store rooms and garbage facility rooms and vendors rest rooms have been turned into vegetable godowns. Nobody know who has rented municipal property to vegetable vendors, even municipal council is clueless about the encroachment in market complex. The locals also complain about stinking smell in the market that prevails on the surrounding area.
Council has apparently appointed two supervisors and two workers to keep vigil on market complex but they invariably failed to restore the discipline in the market. Council yields princely sum of money in revenue from the vendors through sopo taxes but nothing is seen to be done to maintain the market complex for its cleanliness, or putting the toilets in order or sparing everyone from the persistent stinking smell in and around the complex. Open gutters are also jammed with garbage.
The haphazardly parked cart stalls outside the market add to the deteriorating look of the historical town. Former MLA Rajan Naik in pursuit to give a facelift to Cuncolim had given a reserved place to the hawkers. His plan was to put all fast food carts at one place. Naik had planned the welcome corridor for which he had developed an open space near the market area, which could be used for parking and can also be used for open functions or meetings. Naik placed this fast food cart at all sides of the area. There are around fifteen odd fast food stalls are operating in Cuncolim market.
However, it has been discovered that most of the food stalls not have any licence from municipal council neither they bear NOC from Health Department not have drugs licence. Some even don’t care to maintain hygiene. CMC is found to be least bothered about the mess. CMC sopo contractor collects daily taxes from these stall owners but council never asks if they have valid licence to operate fast food centers.
When municipal officers were contacted they said many stall owners have not taken any permission from council. They are operating illegally. One of the CMC officers in condition of anonymity said that they had already issued notices to some food cart owners but due to political interference the owners take advantages of operating without any permission.
There are around 10 live chicken centers that are operating in Cuncolim without any sort of licence. It is shocking to know that council hesitates to take action on this illegalities due to political patronage.
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