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Trijoy to the football world, scores a few goals

for Churchill Bros in the Goa Professional League.

Trijoy Dias signs three-year contract with Churchill Bros. Cuncolim-born striker wants to live up to the expectations of family and friends

Cuncolim, South Goa, India: Everyone make mistakes in life, big or small. Regretting and seeking to introspect what went wrong and starting life afresh is a herculean task. But when you are determined and you have support system which is ready to back you to the hilt nothing is impossible. Trijoy Dias, a young footballer is carrying tons of aspirations and expectations of a thousand fans on your shoulders. Blessed with their wishes, the young 21-year-old footballer had a good season last year with Churchill Brothers in the Goa Professional League, scoring a few goals. His performances did not go unnoticed as he has since signed a three-year contract with the I-league and if everything goes right will be seen in action in the second tier Indian competition. “In 2020 I got an offer from Churchill Brothers which was really unexpected. I played in the Goa Professional League for Churchill Brothers for the season 2020-21. And because of my performance now I am promoted to the senior team (I league). I have signed a contract of three years with them,” said Trijoy. Trijoy is from Sanvorcotto Cuncolim and son of Tony Dias and Vienna. Tony used to play for Rising Club of Sanvorcotto in the 80's when the club was at the height of its glory in Cuncolim and surrounding areas. A large chunk of players from Sanvorcotto used to play for Cuncolim village team including Trijoy's uncle Eusebio Dias, a talented guy who did not make it big in football, Ask any Sanvorcotto or Cuncolim guy who saw Eusebio's game in the 80's and he or she will vouch for it that Eusebio’s footwork and dribbling skills were absolutely top class. Over to Trijoy to carry forward the football legacy of the Dias family. Incidentally Trijoy's elder brother Trevon is also a footballer. Trijoy has had his share of controversy and was banned for a season and regrets it. “2019 was a dark year in my life; I got banned for 1 year because of the referee incident. I still regret doing it,” said Trijoy, who idolizes Portuguese international Renato Sanches. Going down memory lane Trijoy said he starting taking steps in football in Cuncolim under Coach Levino Dias. “I learned to kick the ball for the first time from coach Levino Dias the person whom I won’t ever forget, then coach Oscar D’Costa of Sirlim Sports club,” he added. “I started my career by playing for Our Lady of Health high school. Later some of the officials selected me for Sirlim sports club and I played for them for almost a year. From there I got selected for Dempo Sports Club Under-16, Under-18 , Under-20,” he added.

In 2015, he signed for Sporting Club de Goa, first two years he played for the junior team and the next two years he played for the professional team in the Goa Professional League. Now with the three-year contract coming his way it is time for Trijoy to prove his worth and keep his cool on and off the field and maintain a healthy lifestyle and add a few muscle to his frail body frame.

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