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Traffic marking, Right To Way and Moving from Internal roads to Main roads - Which vehicle has the right to go first

Traffic marking, Right To Way and Moving from Internal roads to Main roads


Which vehicle has the right to go first.... confusion, confusion all around. No one to solve the puzzle for you.

The government, the Road Transport Officials, The Public Works Department (PWD) nor the organizations involved in Road Safety Awareness and loss of lives through rad accidents have dealt on the issue in a simple manner.

There are no road markings on a particular road, who should stop, and you are never told about such types of rules and regulations when you take the learners driving test or during your full level driving license test.

There are many driving schools in and around Goa training drivers to take the fourt wheeler test and for other vehicles, but seldom they also touch the topic of road marking and right to way on Goan roads.

The Road Transport Department officials taking the test do not ask about the right to way, as there are road marking indicating which vehicle should stop and which has the right to go.

There are no marking on the internal roads indicating that you have to stop and give the Right of Way to vehicles moving on the National Highway or the main road.

There are no marking at the traffic roundabouts as who should stop and which vehicles to go, here also there are no indicators nor markings on the road.I asked someone about, who has the Right to Way in the traffic round abouts, he told me here in India it is Might is Right.

Usually the vehicle which is already in the traffic roundabout has the Right to Way and others have to wait but like all others things such things are alien on Indian roads and in Goa too.

So, some people and organizations which are into Road Safety Awareness and Traffic managements, like Road Transport Department should work and ensure that the traffic signals and markings are in place and an awareness of the traffic rules and regulations reach the maximum number of people.

They should be working in tandem with PWD to make it happen or some NGO’s should step in to make it happen, better late then never, especially with so many people losing their lives through accidents on Goan roads.

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