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Tiatr fraternity hails SP Tavares for stopping a full-blown murderous gang fight in Margao

Tiatrist cop Sammy Tavares used his dramatic stage spirit to answer his call of duty. SP Coastal Police Sammy Tavares is a man of action. On Tuesday, in a busy junction at Fatorda, he noticed what turned out to be vicious criminal gang fight and gave chase to prevent a certain murder, albeit of a history sheeter Cafe spoke to tiatrists for their views of the man who traverses two different worlds and how he does so.

Tiatr fraternity hails SP Tavares for stopping a full-blown murderous gang fight in Margao

He is a man steeped in the world of the tiatr as well as in maintaining law and order. Superintendent Sammy Tavares was in his official car crossing the Arlem circle when he noticed a man running on the road being chased by another man with a weapon of assault that is commonly used to shear coconuts. Given his pre disposition to the arts, he thought it was a shooting taking place of a Bollywood film or a serial.

However he soon realised this was real life and swung into police mode to apprehend the culprits. The person being chased, a dreaded criminal nicknamed Tiger was saved thanks to his timely intervention and one of the people involved in attempting to assault him was apprehended. This was yet another instance in the dramatic life of Sammy Tavares. The touch cop in uniform and a complete showman on stage.

The man himself Sammy Tavares was remarkably understated as he recounted the sequence of that day. He said his first reaction was to think it was a film shooting but when he realized it was a crime in progress, he swung into action and chased the people and warned the person with the weapon that he would shoot. The fact he said the life of a person was saved was very good. When asked how was he able to be both a tiatrist and a top cop in 24 hours he smiled and said one was his passion and the other his profession which earned him a salary.

Tomazinho Cardozo dramatist, playwright and eminent tiatrist said Sammy was looking after a big responsibility and he knew what his duty was which he loved. He said “He is a man who has done his job by following the book of rules and also helping the lower strata of society. At the same time he has the passion for his culture. This can be seen in his love for tiatr and therefore whenever he is present on the stage he does it with sincerity and dedication. Therefore he excels on the tiatr stage as a director and writer as he excels in his duty as a Superintendent of police”.

Justiano Fernandes said he had known Sammy from 1981 -82 when he used to write one act plays and organize a one act competition in Cuncolim. He said he lost contact with him after he became a policeman but they regained contact in 2012 for a role in a tiatr. He said “Thanks to him I won a best actor award. He is as sincere as police man as he is dedicated to tiatr. I like to act in his dramas. He is a very nice person and very helpful.”

Noted Fadista Sonia Shirshat has acted in three tiatrs by Sami said she felt he manages both roles very well thanks to the support from family and friends. She also added he was a man of great faith. She said “The only time I worked in tiatr was with him. He was always very nice, very easy to work with and no complications. I travelled with him to America, UK, Paris and it was always very nice”.

Cesar D’ Mello Secretary, Tiatr Academy Goa said “He is a disciplined officer and he helps the socially backward. During the pandemic he has composed a song about Covid 19 and he would go on the roads and sing to alert the people about its dangers. This incident that he was involved in shows his capacity to take risks.”

Anthony Son who has been involved with Sami’s tiatrs as a singer said he was part of the first drama and foreign tour and sang a song in his video cd. He said “When you have a gift for the creative arts, you will sacrifice. I was a branch manager of a bank and I found time to be part of tiatrs. It was easier when I was a clerk all those years ago but as responsibilities increased it got tough and I managed. In the early days, there was no bus to return home late at night and we used to sleep in the garden. But I had the love for tiatr and I did not care. Now imagine what he has had to go through to sustain his love. He is a man at a senior level and finds the time to do both. He is a smart good man and three cheers to him for what he has done and what he will do in the years ahead”.

Performer Saby De Diwar said he was a good person and the fact he was a tiarist came from his father who was one. He said “It’s in his blood so there was always a tiatrist in him. He has written very good tiatrs. I hear he has a very good name in the police force too”.

After his brave act when not on duty on that spot, this name ia set to shine even more

Nehanda Fernandes a policewoman and the daughter of Sami Tavare’s said the secret to how he managed both roles very well was that never wasted time. She said “Whenever he gets any free time it is used positively. He never wastes time. That’s how he has managed to manage his passion as well as his profession”. When asked how she felt when she heard her father was involved in the incident, she said she was very happy for him and felt it was another feather in his cap.

One can only hope there are more like him who display the same passion and imagination in their creative aspirations as well as their regular life.

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