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Table tennis table lie idle in Cuncolim union complex in Cuncolim

Table Tennis any takers in Cuncolim except for players in Murida

I remember vividly it one of those rainy season during my school going days that i got my first dose of the Table tennis game at Holy Family Chapel of Sanvorcotto hall. it was some of the seniors at the hall who showed some basic of the game to me like serving and holding the table tennis racket and presto, we played in turn on the single table at the hall as the rains lashed the tiled roof of the chapel hall. Thirty years down the line the tile roofs of the chapel has made way for a concrete slap as chapel has gone for a wholesale renovation. There are no table tennis tables in the hall or no other sporting activity takes place in the hall. But some cultural activities do take place time to time at the hall. For the sporting activities Cuncolim Union hall at Culvaddo was supposed to turn a new leaf and a new revolution on the sporting front. A good 3 crore project however is begging for attention on all fronts. An ill-conceived basketball court has not takers and here in the pictures you can table tennis tables which have hardly been put to use. A football ground which cut from a nine-a side ground to a seven a side miniature ground, and which is hardly used. Some youngsters use the ground to play cricket.

The only activity which takes place is the karate coaching conducted by a dedicated karate instructor cum restaurant owner Edney Pinto, who lives a stone throw away from the Zuplea Shet But in all a messy affair. A lot to write but it will be better that people who matters redress the problems and come clean on the various issues which has been haunting the Rs3 crore project and put the facilities to good use.

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