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Summer Tiatr Festival 2022 of RCS, Cuncolim to take place from April 22 to 30

Festival is back with a bang after a two-year break

Cuncolim: The Summer Tiatr Festival organized by Rising Club of Sanvorcotto, (RCS) Cuncolim is back with a bang after a two-

year break and will be held from April 22 to 30 at Sanvorcotto grounds, informed organisers of the nine-day event.

The festival which caught the eye of the tiatr lovers and became the talk of the town in the entire state made its presence on the literary stage 15 years back and was held for successive years until Covid pandemic hit the world.

“For the last two years the festival could not be held due to the Pandemic World the entire universe was engulfed in, so this is the 13 the edition of the popular festival,” said Desmond Vaz, a former football player and now a member of the organizing committee of the festival.

Like in the past editions the organisers have line up some of the top notch tiatr written and directed by some of the leading directors of the Konkani stage.

  • This years’ tiatr’s include Jevnnant Fator by Roseferns, Apunn Apnnank Dev Somestank by Jacob, Thank you by Mario Menezes, Kuddo, Mono vo Bhero by Ambe, Doiall by John D’Silva, Poilo Ghontt by Michael Gracias, Hanv Goemcho Saiba by Pascoal de Chicalim, Mhaka Ghoddlam Tem by Sally and Besanv na Pesanv by Menino de Bandar.

The festival attracts a large crowd not only from Cuncolim but from the surrounding villages and no tickets are charged from the viewing public.

The organizers raise money through donations and these year’s donation had reached the seven lakhs mark while gong to the press. The festival committee comprises of individuals from various fields who collectively work for the overall success of the festival.

The organizers said that a few food stalls will be allowed at the festival site.

This year’s festival is organized in memory of Max Tavares, one of the founder member of club who passed away 25 years back and who was also a stage artist having acted in tiatr’s in Goa and in Bahrain.

Max, besides his stage acting in Bahrain was actively involved in a community service work among the Goan community work in Bahrain and along with his wife Effie Tavares and reached out to many a need people in crisis in the gulf state.

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