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Spreading wings and flying to USA: Sammy Tavares tiatr journey to USA

US returned Uncle Sammy

Sammy Tavares created history by being the first Goan to stage a tiatr in the United States of America. The troupe of ‘Tim Thikam Sanddlelim’ was honoured to be part of this glorious achievement. Tavares talks to Café about their experience US returned Uncle Sammy.

As they gazed at the stage in delight, Goenkars in the United States of America momentarily forgot where they were seated; watching a tiatr in the US was unheard of until that day. ‘

Tim Thikam Sandlelim’, written and directed by Deputy Superintendent of Police, Sammy Tavares

and was organised by iMovie and Invictus Film Incorporated. The shows were performed in New Jersey on October 4, 2014 and Houston, Texas on October 5, 2014.

Just back from the US trip, DySP Sammy is still smiling about his achievement of taking tiatr to the US. “We received a tremendous response as the shows were houseful and the audience was excited to see Konkani tiatr actors and singers. The cast and crew comprised 16 members from Goa and we are happy to have performed in the US after touring Dubai and Kuwait in September and London in August, 2014. In New Jersey we had a crowd of about 300 people while Houston housed 400 people in the auditoriums,” says DySP Sammy Tavares.

The story of an orphan, ‘Tim Thikam Sandlelim’ was first staged on May 24, 2014 in Goa and the US shows were the 44th and 45th show of the season. “Even though the tiatr was released in May, the planning of the US trip had started six months in advance. The tiatr was organised by Effie Tavares and Gladston Tavares in the US and the paperwork had to be sent in for the visas well in advance. We had a lot of difficulty in getting the required documents for all 16 members,” informs


After a warm welcome by the Goan community, the artistes were surprised to know that Goans settled in the US would be traveling for hours just to attend their show.


adds, “The Goan diaspora in the US is spread across different states and they were willing to travel nearly 8-9 hours by car to watch the tiatr. Some even came down from Canada. I came across Goans who have been living in the US for more than ten years and have not returned to Goa so they were watching a live tiatr performance for the first time. I was overwhelmed. They could finally show their families what a tiatr was.”

Besides the two days of performance, the troupe was treated to special sightseeing tours by the organisers. “We saw the Niagara Falls, World Trade Centre, White House and the Statue of Liberty. Since this was the first time we were travelling to the US, we all shared the same excitement,” concludes DySP Sammy Tavares who resumed duty immediately on his return to Goa.

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