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Sports Authority of Goa needs to pull up its socks, a simple Water pump takes days to be fixed

Forces Young Sports Hockey Club, Mapusa to shift tournament to DenGoa in Ribandar

Peddem Mapusa: A simple crack in a water pump which will a maximum of two hours to be fixed have taken days on end for Sports Authority of Goa (SAG) officials to fix, forcing organisers of the Young Sports Hockey Club, Mapusa to shift their 5-a-side Men’s Hockey tournament on Sunday 29th May, to DenGoa in Ribandar.

“You will not be able to play on hockey 5's ground till the crack is repaired,” a message from one of the SAG official was relayed to the organizers on Thursday.

Since then, a number of hockey officials and organizers have been trying to get in contact with the Chief Engineer and Electrical Engineer who assured action by tomorrow ie on Friday.

But nothing happened and the crack was repaired on Friday forcing the organizers to move to another venue.

“The problem with the crack is that being a government property it needs only the Govt. technical to attend to the problem.,” said one Mechanical engineer.

“If spares are there it can be done in less than a day. Let not a simple crack come in the way of hockey. We are so use to dealing with "cracks" One more should not be a problem. Wish I could see the name plate of the pump I could look for spares If I get the correct spares it just a two hour job for me,” were some of the reactions to the video posted on the Goa Hockey group.

“Please get in repaired or replaced in coordination with SAG. They are the authority with regards to the hockey ground. Maintenance etc. is under their ambit,” another message said.

“Was trying to organize Hockey 5's this Sunday for men, but look at this SAG answer

“Young Sports club, has taken a decision to organize the Sunday tournament at Dangoa.

Extra operational issues, but we accept the challenge, for the promotion of Hockey in Goa. Tried our best with SAG, did not succeed.

Young Sports Hockey Club, Mapusa is organising 5-a-side Hockey tournament for Men's (Open) on Sunday 29th May, 2022 at DenGoa now.

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