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Smart #Sanvorcotto umbrellas paint #Cuncolim countryside in coastal #Goa #India

40 Senior citizens of Sanvorcotto get umbrellas as gifts from ward residents

Cuncolim, South Goa, India: Around 40 senior citizens of Sanvorcotto in Cuncolim municipal area were gifted Umbrellas at a function held recently.

The umbrella project is one of the several initiatives launched under the leadership of councillor John Dias for the residents of the ward under the banner of Smart Sanvorcotto.

The programmeis implemented with the benevolent help of donors based in the ward and those who have a connection with the vaddo but are based elsewhere.

Over the past few months residents of Sanvorcotto, which constitute a part of Cuncolim municipality in South Goa like so many localities and villages of the coastal village are setting their own agendas and drawing out their road map.

“We gave 40 umbrellas to the senior citizens of the ward. The cost of the same is met by a well-wisher from Sanvorcotto, who does not want his name to be public,” said ward councilor John Dias.

John also made it clear that the money is not coming from any politician but a son of Sanvorcotto.

“We want to make it clear that the donation to buy the umbrellas has come from our Sanvorcotto man and no politician has contributed money for the umbrellas,” he added.

John also informed that a donor has gifted LED lights which has since been installed in some of the key locations in Sanvorcotto.

“A well-wisher has donated us 5 LED lights towards # Smart Sanvorcoto illumination mission,” said John.

The Umbrella and LED lights projects are in addition to several works the dynamic councilor has undertaken in his ward in a short period of time in cooperation with people of the ward. Smart Sanvorcotto sets bench mark for Cuncolim, Goa and India

Smart Sanvorcottovolunteers have been active during the COvid19 tams reaching out to people in need with rations and meals to families and patients who have been home quarantined.

From April, Smart Sanvorcottowas on a mission to make the place a smart place in all aspects and they are well on the track. Municipal election over, the first thing they did was to install convex mirrors at six places in Sanvorcotto and plans are afoot to install some CCTV cameras.

It was a birthday gift to people of Sanvorcotto by the newly elected councilor John Dias and where inaugurated by the senior citizens of the Ward.

Away from the cameras they have made plans to give ration for needy. Families were identified and quarterly ration for 10 families through sponsorship has been arranged.

Also around 50 steamer/nebuliser, have been handed over to some needy and deserving families during the height of COVID pandemic in May-June period this year.

Smart Sanvorcotto Core committee constitutes, residents of the Ward who have come under one banner to pitch with their ideas and contribute to the overall good of its residents and make it an easier and comfortable place for the people of the locality.

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