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Porto Montenegro Match Race Grade 2 2024

The Porto Montenegro Match Race is a world-renowned nautical event that combines the

excitement of sports competition with the beauty of the Mediterranean. Held in Porto

Montenegro, an exclusive marina located on the coast of Montenegro, this event attracts the

world's top sailors, each eager to compete in the region's crystal-clear waters and enjoy the

luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere offered by the destination.

In the most recent edition of the Porto Montenegro Match Race, held from May 10th to 12th,

10 teams representing a variety of countries, from Estonia to Spain, participated. This eclectic

group of sailors brought a unique diversity to the event, not only in terms of sailing skills and

strategies but also in terms of the culture and spirit of camaraderie that permeated the


Participants faced off in thrilling naval battles aboard J70 boats, known for their agility and

maneuverability. These sailboats provide a perfect playground for the match race format,

where two boats compete directly against each other in a series of matchups, ensuring intense

and action-packed competition.

One of the standout teams in this edition was led by Mati Sep, an Estonian sailor who holds

the seventh place in the world rankings. Sep demonstrated his skill and determination by

dominating the first part of the competition, winning all his matchups with an impressive 100%

record. However, luck was not on his side on the final day of the regatta, where he faced

difficulties in the semifinals and the petite final, thus losing his chance to claim victory.

The undisputed winner of the Porto Montenegro Match Race was the talented French sailor

Tom Foucher, who emerged as the absolute champion of the event. Foucher, hailing from the

French match race school, exhibited impeccable performance throughout the competition,

outsmarting his rivals with cunning and tactical skill.

The regatta took place in the stunning Bay of Kotor, a place of breathtaking natural beauty that

served as the perfect backdrop for the event. However, the weather conditions were not

always favorable, with tricky shifts and sudden wind drops testing the skill and resilience of the

sailors. Despite these challenges, the organizing committee successfully completed the circuit,

thus ensuring a fair and exciting competition for all participants.

Among the sailors who left their mark on the competition was the young Martin Allix, another

emerging talent from the French match race school. Allix showcased his prowess on the water

and his ability to compete at the highest level, earning the respect and admiration of his fellow

competitors and the audience.

The Spanish team "Cigarrán Sailing Team" was the first Spanish team to participate in Porto

Montenegro and also made a lasting impression on the competition, demonstrating an

unwavering spirit of fight, sympathy, and determination despite their relative inexperience in

such international events. Although they did not manage to achieve final victory, their

outstanding performance served as a reminder of the potential and talent that exists in the

world of Spanish sailing.

The Spanish match race team "Cigarrán Sailing Team" had a memorable performance, facing

every challenge head-on and surprising with their attitude and competence. They maintained

their composure despite being lower in the standings in their first appearance in this circuit,

and they learned from several mistakes, losing just at the finish line due to misunderstandings

of match race protocol. They put up a tough fight against the all-powerful Kiwi Megan

Thonsom, ranked 14th in the world, the Slovenian Bojan Raja, or the Frenchman naturalized

Spanish Silvain Escurat or the Israeli Vladimir Lipinski, who was close to winning but ultimately

lost in an incomprehensible ending. Overall, their performance gives hope for future WMRT

events, showing great learning potential and an evolving attitude. It's worth mentioning that

this discipline doesn't exist in Spain... Now, the new stop will be in Ledro, Italy, from June 20th

to 23rd.

The Porto Montenegro Match Race is not just a sports competition but also an experience that

celebrates the passion and love for sailing in a setting of luxury and elegance. Participants and

spectators have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the sophisticated atmosphere of

Porto Montenegro, enjoying its exclusive restaurants, designer boutiques, and lively nightlife.

In summary, the Porto Montenegro Match Race is much more than a regatta; it's an event that

captures the excitement and beauty of sailing in a spectacular setting. With its continuous

growth and ability to attract the world's best sailors, Porto Montenegro has established itself

as one of the premier destinations in the world match race circuit.

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