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Police Officer tiatr by Sammy Tavares

TIATR Review by JP Pereira

Dy SP Sammy Tavares presents a tale revolving around the police service. ‘Police Officer’ is a stylish and sleekly presented tiatr that has plenty of entertainment and lots to tell. The tiatr opens with a police officer taking the oath. Cut to the next act… Manisha is troubled. Someone has been troubling her since morning. She is the wife of inspector Clay Braganza, an honest and tough cop. The husband returns home and she is at peace. The Cuncolim police station has good and bad cops. Clay is the in-charge and will not tolerate corruption. He has not amassed any wealth although the corrupt ones are rich. But his goodness is not acceptable to the bad cops. The other inspector kills one of the prisoners and frames Clay with the murder. Watch on stage to know what happens later in this beautiful saga of lives of various police officers. The tiatr is a treat. Lovingly written and directed by Sammy Tavares, he has looked into all the details to present a fine show. The setting of the police station is impressive. The light effects and background music is right and the pre-interval act of the criminal’s murder is executed well. The dialogues are well written and the entire cast does full justice to their roles. Janice is Seema, the very supportive and loving wife of the honest cop. Good acting and right dressing sense. Ulhas Tari is Clay, tough and dashing. Just what a cop should be. Franky is the evil cop, very much convincing. Justino plays two roles, a hawaldar and also Ranga the criminal. Lawry Travasso does a beautiful cameo. It would be nice to see your acting more often, Lawry. The comedy is a laugh riot. After a long time there is some genuine humour. Joana and Sally with Richard and the reliable Caetano (as various characters), are superb in most of the acts. However the fat guy act during the police interview could be avoided. The band has veteran Theo Alvares superb on trumpet and supported well by Nolvert. John is great on drums and Cannon plays the bass. Norman Cardozo, leader of the band provides a great background and fills in well during the interludes for the songs. The rarely seen Aniceto, does the opening song in style and returns later for a duet with Sonia and a trio. There are good songs from Joanna, Benny de Aldona, Tari and others. A solo by Sammy Tavares, another by Marcus Vaz on an incident of refund and yet another by Lawry Travasso on the love shown by a dog, stand out. Saby de Divar tells of the beer baron. But the pick is a solo from the inimitable Sonia Shirsat. Superb, value for money! An entertainer not to be missed.

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