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Convex mirrors reflects Smart Sanvorcotto’s vibrant look in small corner of Goa

Atithi Devo Bhava ……. the guest has always been of supreme importance to all residents of Sanvorcotto. The safety of the guests who take the Sanvorcotto roads is utmost in the minds of the residents.

So every care is taken to make the passage of guests passing through Sanvorcotto a safe and pleasant journey.

Smart Sanvorcotto have installed convex mirrors at six places in Sanvorcotto and plans are afoot to install some CCTV cameras. Smart Sanvorcotto Core committee constitutes, residents of the Ward who have come under one banner to pitch with their ideas and contribute to the overall good of its residents and make it a safer and comfortable place for the people of the locality.

Smart Sanvorcotto took shape immediately after the elections of the new Cuncolim municipality council with the newly elected councilor John Dias having been able to bring together and setting the road map for Sanvorcotto in the years to come.

It was a birthday gift to people of Sanvorcotto by the newly elected councilor John and where inaugurated by the senior citizens of the Ward.

Meanwhile, around 50 steamer/nebuliser, have been handed over to some needy and deserving families,” informed a member of the Smart Sanvorcotto Core Committee.

“This steamer/nebuliser are for those people who really cannot afford to buy one....all 50 beneficiary names will be made public so that we are transparent and once the mission is complete.”

And the nebulier has not been given not from government funds but from donations of local residents and those who have been connected with the locality in one way of the other.

“Small things starts at home like we say charity starts at home...#Smart Sanvorcoto Core Committee. please remember it is sponsors- well-wishers from our ward...(no politician nor govt agency involved). We have donors from Sanvorcotto and also from Pune and as far as from New Zealand,” members of the Smart Sanvorcotto told Sanvorcotto Times.

“We the #Smart Sanvorcotto team has now decided to give Nibulizer/Steamer to anyone that might need one. The decision is taken to safeguard every one of us because taking steam at least three times a day can help you to be safe.”

“God bless us all and let’s be safe and let’s be an example to the rest of the world.”

Besides neublisers, Smart Sanvorcotto are provided veg meals to families from the ward who have been down with Covid19. Ten families have been covered so far.

“The plan is to identify needy families...we will short list names n provide quarterly ration for 10 families through our friends sponsorship...” Smart Sanvorcoto core committee.

On the garbage front special arrangements have been made for collecting of garbage.

“All garbage collectors were provided with protectives. Those who are Covid infected will be given separate colored garbage bins and will be collected on Wednesday and Saturday only.. help us to help you. Stay safe.”

With the state under a lockdown Smart Sanvorcotto have urged residents not to venture out and remain indoors.

“We appeal to the people of Sanvorcotto, not to create rush at grocery stores. All essentials will be available during the 15-day State Level Curfew.

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