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Norbert D'Silva from the football field in Cuncolim to priesthood..... a long journey

It seems like it was just a few years and as they said time and tide wait for no man. yes many years back, a small child was playing on the football field and showed a lot of promise as he was training under coach Levino Dias and others coaches at Cuncolim in South Goa.

Then a different call came calling it was a strong one which took him away from the sports arena to the Vocations to the Priesthood and Religious Life.

That’s for you Norbert D'Silva whom i saw as a child on the football field. A lot of water has since flowed down the River Sal till then, turn to the present and he is a Roman Catholic Priest.

And it was a family funeral of Leslie Barreto that i had the privilege of listening to his sermon, the transformation from a shy and soft spoken teenager to a brilliant orator who made an impactfull and thoughtful message to the devotees at the Our Lady of Health church.

Norbert D'Silva is a second person i believe from his family to devote his life to the religious services. His maternal grandfather's brother late brother Eulogio Vas, who made a name with the Don Bosco Oratory at Fatorda was the first one i believe, Eulogio who made Don Bosco Oratory a football force on the inter village scene and on the vocational field.

Incidetantly, Norbert's mother and Leslie are first cousins as Leslie's mother late Shazarin Vas e Barreto is sister to late Brother Eulogio Vas and Norbert's maternal grandfather.

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Russel Barreto
Russel Barreto
Aug 16, 2023

Thank you very much @ God bless you

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