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Need help to identify the coffee plants in #goa

 Photo close of the leaves will help you identify the type, if it's Arabica or robusta.....??????

"Robusta Coffee plants in our garden in Curtorim. Maybe 6 to 8, they supplied our yearly coffee consumption. The flowering was fantastic and impactful, left an indelible memory in my mind, a five year old child. "

"Arábica Coffee produces best above 600 meters above sea level.

Robusta Coffee also grows OK below this. Goa should try Robusta Coffee. Now comercially is a serious matter. The Goa Government should do the research with different varieties, production costs etc and only then recomend"

"Everybody drinks coffee. The most drunk beverage on the planet. Only water is more consumed than coffee.

So I think it a good idea if each family has a few plants for their own consumption.

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