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‘My profession is my priority!’ Sammy Tavares


Deputy Superintendent (DySP) by profession and a tiatr writer-director by passion come together in a unique combination of Sammy Tavares. He recently released a tiatr based on his profession, titled ‘Police Officer’. In this chat with NT BUZZ, he points out that his profession remains his priority despite getting onto the tiatr stage and talks about his latest dramatic offering SACHI NAIK | NT BUZZ Sammy Tavares has found a story in his day profession. Tavares, who is the Deputy Superintendent (DySP) at Quepem Police Station, has recently released a tiatr, ‘Police Officer’. He says that his experience in the police department has inspired him to write and direct this new venture. ‘Police Officer’ is a story dedicated to all the police personnel. Sammy says: “Well, it is a family drama with a mixture of professional life. The family life is presented to just give a hint of what police officers go through almost on a day to day basis.” The tiatr also is stresses upon corruption, which sometimes even the police are not free of. “In every profession there are some people who are corrupt while some who are sincere in their work. Corrupt ones will continue to take the bribe no matter how rich they are while sincere people will continue to work sincerely and never take bribe no matter how poor they are,” says Sammy. Sammy says that he has presented a comparison of the personalities and characteristics of a police officer who is corrupt and the one who is non-corrupt, sincere in his work and ways. He adds: “This comparison of two individuals, one with good qualities while other with bad habit will help to clear the minds of public how wrong path leads to only temporary relief but makes one fall into permanent trouble.” The story of tiatr ‘Police Officer’ is about two police officers in the same department. One officer works sincerely and is against corruption. While another police officer is involved in taking bribes and corruption. The sincere police officer goes against the corrupt officer to end corruption in their department in an attempt to end corruption. The tiatr is all this with the backdrop of a family drama to it. “It may seem realistic, but this story is pure fiction. It is not based on any real person or real incident. But it’s a relevant issue of the society. Corruption is growing day by day in various sectors of society and it should end completely for the welfare of the people and also for the betterment of our nation,” says Sammy. The message of this tiatr goes not only to the police officers but also for the general public. Sammy says: “This tiatr conveys a message to all police officers that they must be responsible towards their work. They must not cheat anyone, because that is how you will be recognised as a good police officer and moreover a good person. There is one message to general public as well that do not generalise that all police officers are same and corrupt.” Sammy says that most of the people feel that all the police officers are corrupt, but it is not so. “It is said that there is a black sheep in every family. So even in the smallest family, you will find one person who is bad or corrupt. But you must never generalise everyone in the family to be same. Similarly, you must never generalise that all the people from one particular profession are corrupt. You find good and bad people in every profession. If you find one corrupt police officer, you shouldn’t consider everyone else corrupt too.” Sammy says that police officers have a lot of responsibility towards people. During emergencies people look for them to help them. “Police officer must know his duty and should fulfill it responsibly. This is because finally everyone is equal before law. If you do your duty well, people will help you as well when you are in need of help,” states Sammy. This is Sammy’s third tiatr; ask him about the transformation from the police station to the sage he says: “Transforming from a police to an artist is definitely a proud moment for me. However no matter what, my duty of police officer comes first! But it’s a great feeling to be an artist. Audiences come to you at the end of the show and appreciate you for the story and direction. Some give feedback. It is indeed a great feeling.” His tiatrs have paved a path for him to see many foreign countries as well. “I got an opportunity to visit some foreign countries where I had the shows of my previous two tiatrs,” he says. Sammy says that though his being a policeman is priority, he has managed to handle both his passion and profession quite well. “While writing, directing, rehearsing, I somehow managed. I utilised my free time to write this tiatr. But even during the show, if I am called on duty, I will have to go. My profession is my priority and passion is secondary,” And since no tiatr is complete without the songs, there are twelve kaantaras and four caants in this tiatr. “I have written six kaantaras for this tiatr, and all the caants as well. I am not acting in this tiatr. But I am singing one kaantar that is based on the topic of issues between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law,” says Sammy.

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