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Konkani play ‘Police Officer’ comes to Dubai

The drama’s director Sammy Tavares promises a memorable performance with a message

Published: September 16, 2017 Alaric Gomes, Senior Reporter The director of Police Officer has assured the Konkani-speaking community in the UAE of “a truly golden memorable performance” at their lone show in Dubai later this week. Organised and staged by Anthony de Varca, the Konkani drama will be held at Nashwan Hall at Al Nasr Leisureland from 8pm on September 21. Written and directed by Deputy Superintendent of Police (DySP) Sammy Tavares from Goa, the drama has so far had sold-out shows all over the western Indian state, and Tavares has picked Dubai to stage his landmark 50th performance. “Our silver jubilee show was staged in the United Kingdom, and when we started approaching the golden mark I thought about Dubai for the simple reason that there is such a huge Konkani-speaking community here that truly appreciates art,” Tavares told Gulf News tabloid!. “I asked the rest of the cast how they felt about Dubai for our golden jubilee show and each and every one was totally in favour of it. There is no doubt in any of us that Dubai will get a truly golden and memorable performance,” he added. Affectionately known as the Melody Cop of Goa, Tavares began his career in Konkani drama writing and directing with Aplea Bhurgeam Sangatak (With One’s Children) in 2012. After staging more than 50 shows all over the world, including parts of Maharashtra, India; the UK; Paris, France; Kuwait; and Muscat, Oman, he came up with his second drama in 2014 named Tim Thikam Sanddlelim (Those Lost Diamonds), which was performed in the UK, Dubai and for the first time in the USA. Tavares’s high-profile cast includes well-known artists such as Ulhas Tari, Franky Gonsalves, Justin and Janice Cardozo, while Sally, Joanna, Richard, Caetano and Desmond have been handed over the comedy roles. In addition, the cast for songs includes Sonia Sirsat, Marcus Vaz, Lawry Travasso, Seby de Divar, Benny de Aldona, Aniceto and Tavares himself. Given his past experiences, Tavares and his troupe has harboured global ambitions for their shows. Last week, Tavares and his troupe were in neighbouring Bahrain and Muscat for their 47th and 48th shows before staging their 49th performance in Goa and setting out for Dubai on September 20. “After Dubai we will move to Kuwait before setting out on for a four-show stint in the US that includes Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston and New York,” Tavares said. “We also have Canada in mind in the first half of October. But much of this depends on whether we get our visas in time,” he added. After dealing with family and societal values in his first two dramas, Tavares has tried to put to use his more than three decades of experience in the Goa Police force while staging Police Officer. A recipient of the President of India Gold Medal and Chief Minister of Goa Gold Medal for meritorious service with the force, Tavares has tried to offer a view that not all police officers are bad. “I felt that I had a responsibility towards society in driving home the point that law is equal to all. No one in this world can do something contrary to values laid out in society and get away with it, and this is what I want to portray through Police Officer,” Tavares said. “We have global ambitions for this drama. We’ve done well in Goa and in other parts of India. And after this Gulf tour we will cross the Atlantic and give the Konkani speaking community in North America something that they’ve always been yearning for,” he added. The music for the drama is from Norman Cardozo.

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