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It's sore to the eyes ....what a flip flop show Goan Hockey

It's sore to the eyes ....what a flip flop show Goan Hockey

Sub junior hockey national championship: Is this an All India tournament. Even inter ward tournaments are organised with better enthusiasm…….Questions abound

Please have a look at the pictures which an unhappy hockey fan attending the Sub junior national championship has sent us from Peddem Mapusa, the final will be played tomorrow "Is this an All India tournament. Even inter ward tournaments are organised with better enthusiasm., he said.

"There is no shade for spectators when matches are held starting from morning and evening and in the hot summer season. No water. No toilet. No way finders. No banner at entrance of the venue stating this is an All India championship. These players are future team India. Is this the best the organisers could do?

"It was after 25 years that we had got this opportunity of hosting such a prestigious hockey championship but it has been a big downfall. "

On the communication front they could have done much more but no club in Goa is getting or got any information via email or WhatsApp regarding inauguration, closing ceremony, match schedules, absolutely nothing.

That is not all, the team members of the Goa sub junior which won one match and drew one and lost the other matches and did not qualify for the next stage were asked to function as ball boys during the days when they wre played their league matches and to add more insult, the players never got their food on the day of their first match.

The team jersey not arriving in time, has been reported by some of the major newspapers including Times of India on its front page.

It may be recalled that the team jerseys reached the venue at 2.15 pm when the match was scheduled at 1.30 and the pictures of Goan players changing the dress on the ground were published in some of the newspapers, while the shorts never came and so did the socks…. what a shame and an embarrassing situation.

Considering that the State government has given around 8 lakhs and Hockey India has given a grrat of 12 lakhs for the championship both the bodies should demand an immediate inquiry and find out what went wrong so that such incidents are not repeated by other associations and such disgrace is not brought upon Goa.

Regarding the set up for TV coverage the least sad it is better. About the TV company hired to relay the matches live throughout the world, the production is nothing to talk about. The cameras are too slow to pick up the fast packed action it seems… or some novices have been sent by the company who are paid to do the job or do not have the technical expertise to cover the hockey matches.

And there is no commentary but some officials talking about in the back ground seems like some Balcao gozali are going on.

It is time Goan Hockey get their act together or make way for people who are dedicated and passionate about the game and who mean business from all angles from youth development, organizing tournaments and taking care of its players and officials.

Goan people do not need people who are insensitive to the young hockey sub junior players. They are the future of India and the future of the country players do not get food during their matches and are make to function as ball boys that does not argue well for the game in Goa and India.

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