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Is my vote for Freebies/ Personal favours or for good policies for Goa and Goans ?

By Ella Mascarenhas

Is my vote for note?

Its a shame to hear that candidates are distributing money to buy votes and Goans are partners in this crime of corruption as they accept that note.

Is my vote for ' job for me ' after he is elected?

Are you supporting his candidature just because he has promised you a job ?

Have you asked yourself why after educating yourself and spending precious years to get a degree you have to bow down to a corrupt individual for a job?

Vote for employment policies so thousands like you don't contribute to a corrupt for fair policies... deserving citizens should get jobs not cheaters

Do I vote for Freebies ?

These politicians don't want you to learn to fish they want to keep you entangled in their net by putting a fish in your plate...

If you are educated ask them to formulate good employment policies, yesterday I travelled via the Verna industrial estate....I saw several firms and industries which can generate employment for Goans....but alas today one in four Goans are unemployed...thanks to the Portuguese passport, the Middle East, the Shipping companies....or we would be another UP and Bihar....

If you are employed and earning well you wouldn't want your parents to go and sit at the bank waiting for that two thousand rupees every month, to be disrespected by the bank staff....

If you are employed and earning well you wouldn't want your sister to be harrassed by in laws for that one lakh which the government promises but never pays....your sister would not come home distressed and disturbed....some may soon be burnt or tortured to death...

If you were employed you wouldn't be wasting your valuable time on these morons called politicians...who sometimes themselves are uneducated and don't know what are the policies needed for Goa to come out of this situation....

Do I vote for an uneducated Don ?

Amghe Kam korta 😜

Just because he allows you to build two rooms illegally, allows you to construct without permissions from other departments ( which would ofcourse take several years ) He is doing nothing great...just keeping you under his thumb....even if you want to raise your voice against him you won't be able to because you were in the wrong and he uses it to gain....

If you are sick he sends an ambulance.....why?

Why do we need their ambulances ?

Why aren't there policies in place that every panchayat should have two working ambulances with staff?

When your mother dies he sends a hearse and a morgue.....why ?

Why can't our Panchayats purchase and maintain the same and help people in need.....why are you at their mercies to receive these small favours....go back to ' incence and burning of coconut husk....bury the body within 24 hours....walk with the hearse cart which we had at the church....go back to our traditional ways but don't take their favours so they demand your votes ...

Sad to hear the retoric of ' I give you 2000/-

I give you hearse van

I give you ambulance

I give you ration

From whose money ?

Tax payers

Say no to freebies and personal for good policies for Goa and Goans

Ask for daily amenities like good roads ,water, electricity

Ask for clean environment

Ask to save Goa from destructive projects

Ask for employment

Ask for good educational policies ( none talk about education) because if Goans are educated they will no longer lick their boots

Ask why Goa is in debt of thousands of crores?

Please read carefully and cast your vote for educated, honest and best candidate from your constituency 🙏

Ella Mascarenhas

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