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Houses of Cuncolim: Menezes house in Panzorconi

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Ghoghea ghor of Panzorconi Cuncolim

Cuncolim, South Goa , India: People in Goa are quite familiar with heavy rains especially during the rainy season. When it rains heavily they use Ghogeani pavs (heavy rains) to describe the situation.

Can you describe the heavy rain situation and relate it with abundant riches which flow day in and day out of the coffers of a rich family in Goa.

Certainly, if you take the case of the Menezes family from Panzorconi Cuncolim who at one point of time one of the richest families in Cuncolim according to historical data available in the archives in possession of the family and also with families related to the Menezes family.

With cash and riches flowing in the Menezes house the locals chose to name it as Ghoghea ghor, the name which remains affixed to it till date. The riches and list of properties which the family possessed have reduced but the house retains the special grandeur.

Tucked away from the National Highway, around 500 metres to be precise situated in the mist of coconut trees and other fruit tress is the mansion of Menezes.

A compound wall dotted with carved stones greets you and as you enter a gallery with carved wood takes you to the house which has several antique furniture and among the collection in the house is the Grand Piano at the entrance, which was imported from Germany, which one of the daughters of the house used to play when she used to play when she lived in Panzorconi.

The Piano is also heavy that you need the services of four other people to move it and imported it from Germany during the Portuguese era is another story which will save for another day.

Like all the century old houses in Goa, the house has two water wells one in the Rozangon area and one more well at the back in the garden built to serve the rice mill and gardening purpose.

Francisco Menezesbuilt biggest house in Panzorconi for his two sons -----Pideade and Antonio, who had one son Franklin Menezes, father of Athleethe only son of Antonio Jose Menezes among four sisters including two twin sisters.

Franklin Menezes, children Mrs Amy and late Servos Menezes owned the only commercial building in Panzorconi which were the only shops and few meters away on opposite side there was a taverna called Gadhi.

Now the building stands demolished and serviced the community for many years. The ground plus structure also housed a school for some time, which imparted Portuguese lessons for students of the area of the nearby locality.

The school classes in Portuguese were conducted by Joaquim Coutinho of Madicotto Cuncolim. The land was acquired by Govt in 1986 and now stands demolished for highway expansion. Franklin Menezes also built football ground at his own expenses at Charamodi opposite Kanknamodi for the villagers

“Francisco Menezes house is known all over AVC as Ghoghea ghor. It is recorder that name Ghogho was given as his wealth was flowing in the form of Ghogho rain water and was highly respected man,” says Attlee Menezes, the great grandson of Francisco Menezes.

The house have produced a few leading personalities, who excelled in sports, medicine, social service and business

Another leading light of Cuncolim, Pideade Menezes was the pioneer in introducing Careiras (Caminhao in Portuguese) transport service from Cuncolim to Margao. He also started the only rice mill in Panzorconi at that time. A landlord, he had a hand in a few business enterprises in and around Cuncolim.

Piedade Menezes elder brother Antonio Jose Menezes was a chief steward on board the ship and founder member of Panzorconim seafarers club in Bombay and gave jobs to many villagers on board the ship.

Also when Panzorconi chapel (Our Lady of Piety) was built over a century ago the flooring was done at the expenses of Custodio Menezes and his wife Esperansa Menezes parents of Basilo and their names were engraved in marble on the main entrance floor of the chapel.

When chapel was renovated and the existing flooring of the chapel was done at the expenses of Attlee Menezes great grandson of Francisco Menezes ( Ghogho).

Attlee Menezes has also celebrated the chapel feast and also celebrated the feast of Cuncolim church Our Lady of Health.

He has also been a sportsmen and played volleyball representing Cuncolim Union in different volleyball tournaments.

Atlee’s brother, Servos who died in Paris was a good sports man and represented Chowgule College volleyball team and was captain of the team, he also played for Margao Azes and Borda Comba Volleyball club Margao and was awarded as the best Volleyball player in different tournaments throughout Goa.

Athlee’s mother, Melania Menezes wife of Franklin Menezes who was a nurse did a lot of community service. Also she was the head of Legiao de Maria of Panzorconim chapel and did lot of holy expeditions with her colleagues from the village to Old Goa n back by walking n praying both ways in a single day.

At 98 she is the oldest member of the house and living a very religious lady praying for all the members of the family.

Francisco Menezes had a brother Custodio whose two sons Basilio and Dr Polly excelled in sports and Medicine.

Custodio house is also has the same pattern as that of Francisco but is much smaller. Both the houses are separately and has a well in the Rozangon. Footballer late Basilio Menezes (Tata Sports Club, Mumbai) hails from this house.

Dr Poly Menezesis another one, brother of Basilo he ran a successful practice in Bombay as doctor but later on migrated to US.

Menezes fly are the first people in Cuncolim village to own

1---- Bicycle: Menezes family had a bicycle shop in one of the shops in the building on the main road, which has since been demolished for road widening of National Highway.


3---Hunting guns.

4----Fishing nets called pager in Konkani where the family used to go for fishing Uskunim band and other places with villagers.

5------Radio called PYE

6---- Private car


8-----Huge plantation of coconuts jack fruits mangoes which we used to distribute in bullock carts to our relations n villagers n rice cultivation

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