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HAS Green Academy Netherlands looking for educational partner for Goa project

HAS Green Academy in the Netherlands is looking for a partner in Goa to participate in an educational remote project. In this project several groups of students will have a chance to investigate the market opportunities of introducing your local Indian processed food concept (non-fresh) in Germany, England or France.

For those who are interested in participating in this student project and/or want to have additional information, they will have to contact Alphons van Erp, Lecturer Food Innovation, HAS Green Academy, Netherlands.


Food to Market

September 2024 – January 2025

HAS green academy is looking for cooperation with partner(s) from India/Goa with interest in European oriented market research by Food Innovation students

Content assignment

Investigating the market opportunities for introducing a local Indian processed food concept (non fresh) in Germany, England or France.

Aspects of concept: Target group, Product, Packaging, Marketing and Storytelling


Substantiated advice on relevant aspects for the introduction of an Indian food concept in European country

insights into trends, analysis of market and consumer behavior of involved European country

Way of working

± 10 project groups of 4 – 5 students

total lead time 17-18 weeks

2 – 3 Team meetings with partner; briefing – intermediate & final presentation

3 –5 substantiated* opportunity areas on which in-depth research is conducted to achieve redesign of concept

Main language of communication: English

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