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Guidance seminar for career at sea

Cuncolim, South Goa, India: Do you want to be a Seamen, do you dream about traveling the world while being paid, do you want to pursue a career in The Merchant Navy,

If you are of those youngsters who has been pondering in the past over these questions and had nowhere to go, then do not worry, expert advise is close at hand to guide and advise you at every step.

Social activist and chef Khabir Moraes has assembled a team of experts for those aspiring to take up a career at sea.

The Cuncolim-born Khabir, a multi-faced personality who has made a mark in singing and at the same time taking up social issues concerning the environment and also reaching out to the needy in time of crisis, has taken to these Samaritan cause, concern as he is with the lack of guidance and direction the Goan youth are moving especially in the shipping industry.

“Guidance seminar for career at sea. Groom your career under our guidance,” says the flyer of the April 23 event which will be held at Cuncolim Municipal Hall, Cuncolim from 9.30 am onwards.

“We have organized a team of experts, who will guide you from Scratch, to fulfill your dreams. We will guide you, and explain every aspect of being a Seaman. As well as protect you from being scammed,” adds the flyer.

Some of the resource persons who will talk at the event are experienced and professional sailors besides administrators from the shipping industry.

Master Mariiners Ashley Moraes, Glen Lacerda, Sydney D’Mello along with HR and Recruitment expert Praveen Dias, NUSI Marine Administrator Neeraj Aguair, IT Manager Joe Fernandes, Khabir Moraes Chef along with Dr Philip Mascarenhas will be guiding the job aspirant and “introduce to a larger spectrum of jobs available in the Shipping industry”.

“We would like to request everyone to pen down all your questions related to Shipping careers, as our team will be shortlisting them so they are answered effectively.”

Interested youths are requested to register on +91 9370771124

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