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Goan Global Association website still in launching mode even after one month

Goan Global Association website still in the launching mode even after one month and having a IT entrepreneur Mangirish Salelkar CEO & CoFounder, of Umang Group as its Vice President!!!!!!!

Still in launching mode even after one month even though they have Mangirish Salelkar CEO & CoFounder, of Umang Group, who "has been nominated as the Vice President of Global Goan Association" Global Technology Group of Companies which claims to be into Software business besides other IT realted business.

@CorpDeck ......Corporate Deck offers productive and comfortable Workspaces in Goa along with agile business services for Professionals, Startups and the Student community. @FRTechEvents ......A Tech Event venture by @UmangGrp that focuses on organizing Tech Summits, Knowledge Sessions, Business Networking Meets, Tech Seminars and Webinars. "The revolution to unite global Goans started on 11th May 2023. Let's uplift the spirit of #Goa"

I think they got busy and forgot about the revolution they were talking about. Hope they do not go the Goa Pradesh Congress Committee NRI Cell way which incidentally had Simon D’Silva as president and a few more things were also common.

Some things are common in both places and is virtually a copy paste of the Congress NRI Cell started in 2014

What Simon D’Silva said in 2014 and 2015 is here in his press note…..What happened to the things mentioned in the press report….. when he asks and request you for membership which is pegged at Rs.3000 ask him about the status and achievements of the NRI Congress cell

· The establishment of this cell is to express solidarity with Goans overseas understanding their contribution and sacrifices, to spread awareness of government schemes amongst the global Goan community with a view to motivate them for productive occupations, business and employment in Goa, to ensure that the state government creates better and proper avenues for children of NRI Global Goans to take up higher education in Goa, to work with the government for establishment of a special NRI window to provide quick and speedy relief and services, understanding the NRI potential to the private business sector.

· The cell will open the channels of communication for mutual benefit, to facilitate setting up of NRI Global Goans Chamber of Commerce for meaningful interaction with government, departments and corporations to work out public-private partnerships and also for NRI Goans participation in business and industry, to foster social and cultural bonds with Global Goans.

· ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Turn to the present what Simon D’Silva and Mangirish Salelkar what they have to say Global Goan Association launched in Doha

· Association has regional directors in 20 countries; to encourage Goans overseas to invest in businesses and startups in Goa.

Turn back to 2014…….

· The Congress NRI Global Goans Cell consists of the following managing committee; chairman, Qatar based Simon D’Silva, convenor for Qatar, Edson Fernandes, executives members for Qatar, Mathew Estrocio, Pradeep Kotkar and Sidesh Gaonkar, convenor for Bahrain, Francis Correia and executive member Gabriel Crasto. Convenor for Kuwait, Carmo Santos and executive members for Kuwait are Julio Cardozo, Gaspar Crasto and Ramdas Revadkar. Oman executive members are Domnic Colaco and Francis Fernandes. United Arab Emirates (Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain and Fujairah) executive members are Henry Fernandes, Santana Fernandes, Gabriel Fernandes and Johnito Rodrigues. Executive member for USA is Effie Tavares, UK is Ravi Vaz, Italy is Esmelinda Fernandes, Australia is Agostinho De Melo and more executive members in the committee from other countries will be announced shortly.

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