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Goa Football Development Council need to get their act together post Covid

Sharmad Kurade is one talent who needs to be groomed and taken care off. Such natural talent comes out of the blue once in a while and needs to be protected, and encouraged.

Kurade has been fortunate that he was groomed by two Goa Football development Council coaches Raimundo D’Souza and Roberto Fernandes at two different levels, first at Cuncolim, at the GFDC centre and then as part of the elite squad of GDFC.

Others have not been fortunate enough.

Where have Sharmad Kurade teammates disappeared, they have simply vanished from the football radar. Kurade and others were part of the elite squad and were students of Holy Spirit Institute Margao. With elite training of GDFC having shut down Kurade’s teammates have gone back to their home village schools.

So it seems GDFC master plan for football has lost track.

None of the GDFC centres are back on track and blame it on covid19. But the administrators and officials at GDFC will do a yeomen service to check what is the fate of the boys….where they are training in which school they have enrolled.

The urgent need will be to convey a meeting of all coaches and officials of GDFC to take stock of the situation. Time, to meet up with the parents and chalk out a plan of action to put the GDFC plan back on road.

Time to gather the data base of all footballers, who were part of GDFC elite academy, the same footballers were suppose to be form the cream of Goan football and who were suppose to hold the key to Goan football in the next four to five years to come.

So now it is time for Brahmanad Shanwalkar to set things in order and chart the course of action for Goan football vis-avis Goan Football Development Council.

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