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Goa captain and coach caught off guard with bowling changes on day one of Ranji Trophy match against Tripura

Goa captain and coach caught off guard with bowling changes on day one of Ranji Trophy match against Tripura

Visitors ease pressure on Tripura after two early wickets with some questionable decisions on field of play

By Armstrong Vaz

You do not hold back your strike bowler and introduce him at the sixth change bowler and he obliges you with the much-needed wicket of a set centurion.

Give the ball to your strike bowler with two new batsmen at the crease not when they are set and when you have tried your part time options and bit and pieces bowlers.

Certainly a questionable decision from the captain and if the captain failed to introduce Mohit Redkar when two new batsman were at the crease but instead he hold him back and launch him late in the day after the lunch break and after all other part time bowlers were introduced, the decision reflects badly in the leadership qualities of the captain.

But if the captain failed what was the coach and assistant coach doing, why was the message not sent to the captain to make the correct tactical moves.

Incidentally both the assistant coach and coal are from Mumbai with one of them is the personal coach of Arjun Tendulkar.

In the days of match fixing and spot fixing, was someone holding some spinster plans up his sleeve.

What is happening?

Where is Felix Alemao...... is he the sacrificial lamp to accommodate Sachin Tendulkar son Arjun Tendulkar in the Goa squad.

Why are Goa Cricket Association adopting players from other states at the expense of Goan talent.....

When will Goa produce another cricket international after Dilip Sardessai for India besides Antao D’Souza and Wallis Mathias, who played Test Cricket for Pakistan.

Tripura score 261/4 in 76 overs against Goa.

Tripura 1st Innings


Bikramkumar Das c Tripathi b Garg 10 21 1 0 47.61

Bishal Ghosh lbw b Garg 7 14 1 0 50.00

Sridam Paul c VM Prabhudessai b Redkar 112 162 15 1 69.13

Sudip Chatterjee lbw b VM Prabhudessai 42 65 7 0 64.61

Ganesh Satish not out 59 129 6 0 45.73

Wriddhiman Saha (c)† not out 19 55 3 0 34.54

Extras (b 5, lb 2, nb 2, w 3) 12

TOTAL: 74 Ov (RR: 3.52) 261/4

Yet to bat: Rajat Dey, Manisankar Murasingh, Bikramjit Debnath,

Rana Dutta, Abhijit Sarkar

Fall of wickets: 1-15 (Bikramkumar Das, 4.5 ov), 2-21 (Bishal Ghosh, 6.2 ov), 3-90 (Sudip Chatterjee, 24.6 ov), 4-236 (Sridam Paul, 60.3 ov)


Lakshay Garg 16 2 38 2 2.37 0 0

Arjun Tendulkar 15 0 48 0 3.20 0 1

Deepraj Gaonkar. 9 1 30 0 3.33 1 0

Vijesh Prabhudessai 18 2 65 1 3.61 2 0

Darshan Misal 4 0 28 0 7.00 0 1

Suyash Prabhudessai 3 0 12 0 4.00 0 0

Mohit Redkar 9 1 33 1 3.66 0 0

Goa Team:Darshan Misal (c), Deepraj Gaonkar, Krishnamurthy Siddharth †, Rahul Tripathi, Snehal Kauthankar, Suyash Prabhudessai, Vijesh Prabhudessai, Mohit Redkar, Arjun Tendulkar,

Lakshay Garg, Manthan Khutkar

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