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From the police station to the stage

With his performance in tiatr, Dy SP Sammy Tavares has won the hearts of tiatr lovers as a tiatrist

Daniel F De Souza | JULY 28, 2012, 12:00 AM IST

From the police station to the stage

Thepresent day Goan tiatr, a unique performing art attracts many professionalsfrom other fields who display their acting and singing talents and winaccolades. For a good measure the Konkani tiatr stage is today adorned by doctors,advocates, engineers, teachers, lecturers, bankers and IT professionalstoo. The latest addition to these highprofile men and women on the Konkani stage is a high ranking Sr Police OfficerDy SP Sammy Tavares. With his sudden pole vault onto the Konkani tiatr stage,he has added yet another feather to his cap.

Withhis maiden professional tiatr ‘Apleam Bhurgeam Sangatak’ Dy SP Sammy Tavares hascaptured the hearts of tiatr lovers and made heads turn. The show has completed21 houseful performances and the troupe is on a tour of UK for three confirmedshows. A show is also lined up to be staged in Paris where many expatriate Goans aresettled.

Speakingbriefly to The Goan, Dy SP SammyTavares says, “It’s a great feeling to taste success in the maiden venture onthe Konkani stage. The Konkani stage helped me to convey a good message to thepeople through the medium of drama.”

WhenTG prodded him on his future plansfor the Konkani stage Sammy stated, “I am overwhelmed with the kind of positiveresponse I have received from tiatr lovers. And from what I have seen, theyexpect me to come back again with more. I intend to run this show tillmid-October.”

Many may say that besides his high profile designation as a senior police officer, ladyluck too has smiled on Sammy Tavares. But according to him, it’s a differentstory. Sammy says, “Since I had hand picked my cast from among the best accordingto my requirement, there was no doubt that they would deliver as expected. I had full faith in my comedians and especiallyin John D’Silva and I knew could extract the best from them” Sammy concludes.Another overseas tour to the Gulf is coming up in September.

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