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Francis Borges and children reach Everest base camp situated at 5364 meters height

Cuncolim-born USA-based Francis Borges mission of scaling new heights continues.

Francis Borges along with his son and daughter reached Mount Everest base camp situated at 5364 meters height last week.

Ten months back, he along with his children had reached the tip of Mount Kilimanjaro.

This is what he wrote after the Mount Kilimanjaro feat.

“Conquering Mount Kilimanjaro with my Amazing Kids!

“I am thrilled to announce that I recently achieved a remarkable feat: reaching the majestic summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, standing tall at 5895 meters (19341 feet). However, what fills my heart with the utmost pride is the fact that I embarked on this incredible journey alongside my beloved daughter and son. Together, we forged unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.”

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