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Family raj in the limelight as Goans Hockey elections set for September 8

17 clubs have the right to exercise the right to vote at the elections

9 are inactive clubs out of which 8 are in South Goa

Farrel says she does not mind she quitting the post.

“If there is a problem with me I will step down. Now it’s time to relax. I am above sixty. Do not harass a senior citizen

Navelim, Salcete Goa: Call it innovations of the highest order or integrating all your family members into one major pool of deceit and deception to fool the general public and hockey lovers. One thing is clear Goans Hockey has become the family raj of one South Goa politician family.

Aquem Baixo Socio Cultural Association, Innovation Socio Cultural Sports Club, Integrated Goa Welfare Development Trust and Hockey South Goa have three things in common. The striking factor which binds all the clubs together is family links. All the four clubs take one common route to one family of Farrel Furtdao e Gracias, Nelly Furtdao e Rodrigues and Elvis Gracias, which has made hockey association their family business for the last eight years.

The other common factor for the four clubs is that all the clubs are registered as hockey clubs and eligible to vote at the upcoming September 8 elections of Goans Hockey President’s elections and for the Executive Committee. All of them are hockey clubs, at least on paper and all of them are registered as South Goa clubs.

Out of the 11 clubs registered from South Goa only three are involved in hockey in terms of participation and rest are only for voting rights of the Farrel and Nelly family.

For the records Nelly and Farrel are sisters and Elvis is Farrel’s husband.

Nelly is president of Hockey South Goa and also at Integrated Goa Welfare Development Trust, while Melchior Alemao, who is the Executive Committee member of Goans Hockey, who has done the vanishing act and who is now based in Dubai is the secretary while Sanjeev Naik is secretary at Integrated Goa Welfare Development Trust.

Aquem Baixo Socio Cultural Association has Farrel as president, Innovation Socio Cultural Sports Club has Elvis as president and Peter Cardozo as secretary.

The family connections do not end with Farrel’s family.

Asked about her family connection and the activities of Aquem Baixo Socio Cultural Association Farrel said “I conducted on Olympic day quiz on hockey. I conducted diet camp and I conducted so much.”

Farrel said she does not mind she quitting the post.

“If there is a problem with me I will step down. Now it’s time to relax. I am above sixty. Do not harass a senior citizen. I used my Rs.60000 cash spend my own money fought two cases to get the association. I don't mind going off,” and agitated Farrel said in response to another question.

Farrel said Goans Hoekcy have done a good job and that is reflected on the awards they have been getting.

“We got best unit of hockey in India (award). Not simply, efforts put (in),” she said while refusing to answer the family raj of her family in Goan hockey.

Navelim Hockey Cub is run by the husband and wife combination of Arminda Pereira as President and Melchoir Alemao as Secretary.

And of all the registered clubs have not taken part in any hockey tournament organized by Goans hockey in recent years nor have organized any football related activity in the state.

Some of the other south Goa clubs which function only on paper are Bambina Recreational Club which has Valanka D'souza as president and Pearl Fernandes as secretary have never taken part in any hockey tournament or organized any hockey worthwhile of its name in the recent years.

Incidentally Valanka is physical education teacher at Maria Bambina Convent Cuncolim, the same place where Farrel works as a teacher.

Repeated phone calls and messaged to Valanka to her to know about the activities conducted by the club went unanswered.

Among the list of inactive clubs from South Goa is Maina Hockey Club with Kevin Costa as president and Mellicia Fernandes as secretary.

The icing on the cake is Sanguem Cultural and Sports Club which has Romaldo Fernandes as president and Xavier Marquis, the President of Goans Hockey as secretary. The club has not participated in any tournaments nor conducted any activity of note in the last few years.

Among the active clubs from south Goa are Guddi Sports Club with Bernardo Rodrigues as President and Ventatesh Gejji as secretary.

Benny Viegas informed that Guddi Sports club did not take part in any tournament this year as the events were held in North Goa but at the same time did not specify why clubs which are inactive in hockey have been allowed to take part in the Goan Hockey elections and part of the electoral college.

Bastora were winner’s and Majorda Hockey club the runners up in the state level men’s senior championship.

However a coach who is in the thick of things informed that the tournament was conducted on a District level with South had only 2 teams reporting and the irony was one team Goa Hockey Promoters did not report to the ground and gave a walkover.

So Marjoda Hockey Club entered the final without playing a match. They got thrashed in the state level finals

Meanwhile the others clubs active from South Goa is Majorda Hockey Club headed by Inacio Fernandes and Sydney Goes as secretary and Goa Hockey Promoterswhich has Micheal Dias as president and Joaquina Mascarenhas as secretary.

Incidentally Joaquina is a physical education teacher at Perpetual Convent HS Navelim.

So out of the seven clubs and the two district association out of 17 have no hockey activity and two associations are formed without informing any clubs. So if you follow the constitutional guidelines only 7 out of the 17 clubs eligible to vote and are meeting the requirements of the constitution.

The two district associations are clearly formed on the quite without a single intimation to any club. So who are the members of these district associations, questions abound.

Non active clubs:

1. Hockey North Goa,

2. Hockey South Goa,

3. Aquem Baixo Socio Cultural Association,

4. Bambina Recreational Club,

5. Innovation Socio Cultural Sports Club,

6. Integrated Welfare Development Trust

7. Maina Hockey Club,

8. Sanguem Cultural and Sports Club

9. Navelim Hockey Club

Active Clubs:

1. San Antonio Warriors Sports Club,

2. Young Sports Hockey Club,

3. Crozen Society,

4. Stars of Sattari Hockey Club,

5. Don Bosco Cultural & Youth Club,

6. Goa Hockey Promoters,

7. Majorda Hockey Club

8. Guddi Sports Club

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