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Election to President post of Goans Hockey postponed due to ‘technical formalities’

The election process for the vacant President’s post of Goans Hockey, which was fixed for 6th April 2024, has been postponed “due to some technical formalities” pointed out by member clubs, according to an official communication circulated to the registered clubs.

Secretary Farrel Furtado e Gracias has in an undated letter, sent to clubs, has also asked all the registered clubs to comply with certain requirements, but no fresh date for the election has not been mentioned in the letter.

The Election to the post of the President of Goans Hockey has fallen vacant after the resignation of Xavier Marquis in January this year.

Strangely, of the list of clubs registered and those eligible and also those not eligible to vote for the elections, the name of Sanguem Cultural and Sports Club has done the vanishing act.

In the last elections of the Executive Committee of September 2022, Xavier Marquis and Fausia Shaikh, were the two people who are mentioned as the two who were eligible to vote on behalf of Sanguem Cultural and Sports Cub.


The letter sent by Goans Hockey Secretary, to the members clubs has requested them to send “copy of constitution, names of Executive members/ Office bearers of the club, the last elections held from date of previous elections as, per constitution, the renewed registration certificate from Register of Societies and receipt of annual fees paid to Goans Hockey.”

All the documents by clubs should be sent to the Secretary at her residential address at Aquem Baixo Margaa, before 5th April.

The letter warns that failure to send the documents, the club will not be entitled to participate in the electoral process of Goans Hockey.

The decision to postpone the election process is one of the several flip flops during the president election process with the Executive Committee of Goans Hockey, the body governing and controlling all matters related to the game in the state, taking some key decisions but later on changing them on account of pressure from the member clubs.

Earlier, Farrel had informed member clubs via a letter of the appointment of her brother-in-law Joey Rodrigues as Returning Officer for the election but had to relent with members clubs raising objection to the appointment of the Majorda-based advocate.

Incidentally, Joey’s wife Nelly Furtado e Rodrigues is the joint Secretary of the Goans Hockey.

The Executive Committee of Goans Hockey later on appointed Mildred Mendonsa as the Returning officer for the election, who incidentally was the Returning Officer for the last Executive Committee elections held in September 2022.

According to the earlier notice, the nomination of the candidate contesting for the post of the President was to be proposed and seconded by the members of the authorized list and was to be sent to Farrel latest by 23th March and scrutiny of the nominations was to be done on the same day at the residence of Farrel in Navelim.

The existing Executive Committee along with the President took office after the September 2022 elections.

The notice further said that “Each Club shall have two votes one male and one female and each Club shall intimate the names of their representatives latest by 20th March to Farrel”.

The list of authorized representatives of the eligible clubs was to be circulated via email to the clubs latest by 22nd March.

Each candidate whose nomination has been found valid on scrutiny were to be entitled to withdraw his/her candidature on 25th March and list of candidates will be displayed by 26th March.




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