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Election to Goans Hockey top post round the corner as Xavier Marquis tenders’ resignation as President

Election to Goans Hockey top post round the corner as Xavier Marquis tenders’ resignation as President


Businessman and long-serving President of Goans Hockey Xavier Marquis has tendered his resignation, forcing a vacancy, with a possible election to the top post round the corner.

Goans Hockey has not announced the resignation of the President, nor the news features on its website which still shows Marquis as the President. Sources informed Marquis out in his papers two months back and the top officials of Goans Hockey have kept the matters under wraps.

It was not immediately not known when the post of the president would be filled up and it was also not known if any letters had been dispatched to the clubs regarding the impending elections.

Elections to the Executive Committee along with the President’s post was held on Sept 8, 2022 and the term lasts for two years.

Marquis was elected unopposed to the post along with Vice President: Smt. Valanka D'Souza, Vice President: Shri. Carl D'Souza, General Secretary: Smt. Farrel Furtado e Gracias, Treasurer: Shri. Aloysius A. D Souza, Joint Secretaries:  Smt. Nelly Rodrigues and Shri. Mahesh Rivankar, Executive Committee Mr Inacio Fernandes, Mr Anjulo Fernandes, Mr Amar Bahadur, Mrs Fouziya Shaikh,  Mr Beny Viegas, Mr Dattesh Priolkar, Mr Sam Braganza, Ms Danrette Vaz and Mr Roger Ray D Souza Vito

The resignation of Marquis much before the expiry of his two-year term has left many hockey officials clueless and that too after serving for so many years as President of the Goans Hockey.

Meanwhile hectic parleys are on to find a replacement for Marquis in the upcoming elections with hockey fans hoping that a person who is passionate about the game and has understanding of the game moves into the hot seat of the president post and not a person without any knowledge of the game.

Information available with hockey officials point out that there are less than 20 clubs registered with the Goans Hockey, the parent body handling the game matters in the state.

The majority of the clubs are based in South Goa and are connected to the present General Secretary Farrel Furtado e Gracias, her sister Nelly Furtado e Rodrigues, Beny Viegas and Elvis Gracias, the last named the husband of Farrel.

Some of the South Clubs registered with Goans Hockey from South Goa are Innovation Socio Cultural Sports Club, Goa Hockey Promoters, Majorda Hockey Club, Bambina Sports Club, Integrated Welfare Trust, Sanguem Sports Club, Navelim Hockey Club, A.A de Majorda, Maina Hockey Club and Guddi Sports Club.

In fact, hockey supporters pointed out that except for Guddi Sports Club, all other South Goa clubs are just on paper and for voting rights with a view to win elections and have control over the hockey affairs in the state and seldom take part in the hockey competitions.

How they manage to hold on to their affiliation with Goans Hockey is a tricky issue which no one in Goans Hockey was willing to come on record and invite the wrath of the principal office bearers.

So, with Marquis resigning as president, it back to the gimmicks away from the hockey action for the coterie having the reigns of Goan hockey. We will have to wait and watch as to how Farrel, Nelly and Beny Viegas go their backroom maneuvering to keep complete control of Gaons Hockey and sound a further death knell of hockey in the state.






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