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Edney Pinto: Shining star on karate front in Cuncolim

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Edney Pinto is a busy man and a man on the move. He runs a successful restuarant Isla Margarita in Assolna and has several business and social activities under his banner. But inspite of the tight schedule he takes time to train children in Karate in Cuncolim and Shiroda.

He is a Okinawa Martial Arts exponent and has under his belt various achievements and proud holder of the V Dan, JKS II Dan and KAI III Dan belts associated with his name. He trains students at Cuncolim Union Hall in Culvadoo Cuncolim in karate for the last several years with several of his students taking to the podium in l state level and national competitions besides making them confident to face the challenges of life.

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