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Dr Jorson makes rapid strides in Cuncoilm

Rivals have no strategy to stop his galloping popularity

Restore to cheap tactics of ‘fake activism’

Congress fake video of ‘fake activism’ back fires as a section of society cutting against party lines condemn the move.

Dr Jorson Fernandes, the TMC candidate is moving at a rapid pace and has won the hearts of many a people who were seating on the face on whom to vote for the coming elections. With exactly a month to go for the elections the humble doctor is emerging s forerunner in race to get to the Goa assembly in the upcoming elections.’

The ENT surgeon is not new to the Cuncolim politics and to the constituency. The constituency might have changed have under a few changes in the delimitation process but by large retains the core villages .

Cuncolim municipal area, which constitute the major chunk of voters, Chandor, Macazana, Guirdlim, Balli and Ambaulim form part of the constituency where all the major national parties and regional parties will be aiming to lay seize in the coming days and weeks.

Dr Jorson is not just a politician but a person with has a larger than human heart. He is compassionate, a trait which he has had displayed in ample measure in his professional and social life.

Ask any Cuncolkar who has availed of his professional services and they will relate to you stories of his generosity. For the records, he does not charge a single Rupeee from Cuncolkars …….. this is not a political gimmick. Ever sicne he started his practice he did not charge anyone from Cuncolim who came to his clinic and he has continued it for the last three decades.

Talking about his social service as a doctor jorson was in the forefront of spreading about the step one must follow to keep oneself and the others around you safe during the Covid19 pandemic.

As part of his socialite responsibility he travelled all over Goa and even outside the state to conduct awareness programmes. Dr Jorson also has conducted various life safety drills and emergency first aid revival procedures for different organization clubs and government organization during the time when Covid was as it peak in Goa and India.

Jorson has not confined himself to his medical profession and social servile but is also part of the Rotary movement in Goa and in India, he started with his Rotary club of Cuncolim and since grown into a national leader and represented India at many seminars and meets all over the world including European countries and USA.

As a Rotarain he has groomed many a youth to be good citizens and is delighted that some of them are carrying forward the massage of social work to another level .

During COVID Dr Jorson along with his Rotary colleagues visited various places to conduct awareness programmes and distribute hand sanitizers’ and other material to schools and institutions.

Jorson work has transcended and touch various sections of Goan society.

Preservation of Goa’s cultural traditions and heritage is high on his agenda. As president of Goa heritage group, Jorson and his other office bearers have raised their voices against government’ s move to distort and remodel some of Goa’s heritage structures.

Time to time, Goa heritage group have been reaching out to tribal groups and giving them the platform to perform and showcase their talent and traditions to the larger world.

Jorson was also in the forefront in opposing the three linear projects which threaten to play havoc with the environment. Dr jorson addressed a few meetings throughout Goa and explained to the people along with other members of team why Goa does not need the projects.

Lastly, I will come to the Cuncolim Industrial Estate pollution. His role in fighting pollution along with Oscar Martins and others is well documented. It has been a three-decade story and the fight continues.

There is no need to go into the details. Only fools will try to tackle and take on jorson on the activistism front. The so called self-proclaimed ‘Social workers’ will introspect and think rationally before stepping into a domain of which he has no knowledge and a topic on which he or his supporters cannot debate on.

To conclude the congressman have made a fool of themselves by putting out the video that Dr Jorson is a fake activistism clearly they have lost the battle and this is clearly a sign of frustration and cheap gimmicks.

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