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Dr Jorson campaigning takes wings in Cuncolim; leaves Yuri far behind

CUNCOLIM: The election climate is hotting up and so are tempers among the supporters. Verbal clashes occurred between supporters of Trinamool Congress (TMC) and Congress candidates in Cuncolim on Wednesday. TMC Candidate Dr Jorson Fernandes and his supporters demanded that Yuri Alemao, who hails from Varca should not contest from Cuncolim.

“Though constitutionally he has a right to contest anywhere,” said Dr Jorson. “Yuri is here to rob Cuncolim of leadership opportunities,” he added. Dr Jorson said Yuri Alemao is from Varca and just because he has purchased a flat in Cuncolim he doesn’t become a resident of Cuncolim. “We have talent, we have knowledge. Do not divide Cuncolkars. Don’t use proxies and do dadagiri with us,” cautioned Dr Jorson.

“We are sons of the soil… Yuri’s father said that he had come here, because it was his aunt’s house. Now he has come with his son, later he will bring his grandchildren,” said Dr Jorson.

Dr Jorson also alleged that there are two Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidates in Cuncolim—Clafasio Dias and Yuri. He further alleged that Yuri Alemao was member of Goa Forward which was an alliance partner of the BJP. A furious Dr Jorson said they cannot tell us how to campaign. We will not tolerate dadagiri, he said. Joaquim Alemao was also doing this dadagiri before he was elected, he charged.

Dr Jorson further challenged Yuri to an open debate on what work he has done in Cuncolim constituency. He questioned how Yuri was taking his father’s certificate and filing nomination in Cuncolim. “He should contest in Varca,” said Dr Jorson.

Questioned by media about how Valanka Alemao was contesting in Navelim, Dr Jorson said she was Yuri’s cousin. But when pointed out that she was contesting on TMC ticket, he said I’m only talking of my constituency –Cuncolim.

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