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Does Goa care for its sportspersons? Goans Hockey uses and dumps injured Ankush like a hot potato

  • Certainly not, Goans Hockey uses and dumps injured Ankush Singh like a hot potato

  • St Xavier College Mapusa student needs 1 lakh to undergo knee operation

  • Hockey injury is a class case of neglect

Use them and dump them. You are good as long as you are fit. If you are injured, then we are not responsible. When you get injured you become a useless commodity for us (Goans Hockey). And no one will take care of you. Your treatment, operation and medical bills will have to be borne by you. The state association or the state sports administration will have nothing to do with it.

These is the story of Ankush Singh, a senior hockey player of Goa state team who was injured in the run up to the senior national championship a few months back.

A sad saga unfolding right under our eyes and nose, which started with his ACL tear injury during the training camp held at Peddem grounds Mapusa in the month of March. For the last few months it has been a mery go around for Ankush who needs one lakh for his knee operation.

Everybody is washing his hands away from helping this boys, the coaches, the hockey officials at Goans Hockey and the also the Sports Authority of Goa have all walked away from helping these boys a student of St Xavier Mapusa.

Ankush has been running from pillar to post to get help, he has injured his knee which he says needs surgery according to the expert advice he got from Goa medical College and that is not the end he has spent a few thousand rupees buying medicines and allied stuff during and after the injury happened all which he has borne by him from his own pocket.

He has knocked on all the doors for help in his post injury situation. His first stop turned out to be the Goans Hockey, the parent body in the state but he did not get nay response. He has been cold shouldered and ignored. He approached the press but none were ready to splash his tory.

He drafted a letter to the Sports Authority of Goa, a department headed by sports minister Govind Gawde but he has not got any response so far.

Here are the contents of the letter he sent to the sports minister.

Date: 19/05/2022


The Executive Director

The Sports Authority of Goa

Athletics Stadium, Bambolim, Goa

Subject: No assistance from Goans Hockey Association for ACL tear injury occurred during official coaching camp of Senior Men National Championship at Peddem Sports Complex.

Dear Sir,

My name is Ankush K. Singh, 21 years of age. I am a Goa state hockey player and have been playing hockey for my club San Antonio Warriors, Guirim and Goa State hockey teams since age 13. I have always been sincere to the sport since getting introduced to hockey during my boarding days at St. Anthony High School, Monte de Guirim.

There was an official selection trial followed by an official coaching camp held by Goans Hockey Association, to prepare the Goa team a month prior for the 12th Hockey India Senior Men National Championship 2022, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh from 6th April to 17th April 2022. During one of the coaching days on 4th March 2022, the ground was not watered and it was seemingly dangerous to play on the Hockey AstroTurf at Peddem Sports Complex, Mapusa. The head coach, Eliter Fernandes, still decided to play us against a Maharashtra club level team that was visiting Goa. I had a fall during the run of play and because of the hard un-watered AstroTurf surface; I suffered an ACL tear in my right knee and badly scratched my face. I will attach the pictures along with this letter for your reference.

It has been more than 2 months since the injury, but I did not get any support from the Goans Hockey Association. The coach of the Senior Men team Eliter, nor anyone from the Association even called me to ask about the ACL tear. Infact I was being made fun off by the organisers by using words like “langda”, naming crippled. I live without my parents and family, alone at a rental apartment in Mapusa, Goa. It was very tough 2 months+ that I had to endure as standing, walking and simple tasks were very difficult.

I have attached the MRI report of my injury. I sincerely request you to kindly take strict action on the management of the Goans Hockey Association for not fulfilling their duties and ignoring my requests for assistance, inspite of the injury being sustained at an official coaching camp conducted by the Goans Hockey Association. Please provide me with justice and bring the association to task for complete negligence of their state hockey player.

Yours Sincerely,

Ankush K. Singh

+91 9766955580

And if the print media has ignored his case it was a big relief for Ankush Singh and his hockey fraternity brothers to see his case highlighted by the ingoanews channel.

Let’s wait and hope that Ankush Singh gets justice.

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