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Do we elect legislators or bussinessman/woman who are ready to sell every inch of Goa


By Mallan Kurian

301 candidates for 40 constituencies.

1 days to the most important election for Goa in the 21st century.

1 days to select 40 qualified candidates.

No comparative analysis of the candidates' qualifications for the post of legislator.

No information on what the candidates have done in the last five years that were in the public Interest.

No public debate.

Input for Voters:

5. Disinformation campaigns.

4. Misinformation campaigns.

3. Fakery, Abuse, Allegations.

2. Drama, Music, Skits, Memes.

1. Completely weird shit.

0. Manifestos without merit.

-1. "My opponent is a ..." (fill in the blanks).

-2. "Women Empowerment"

-3. Donations, Prayers, Blessings.

-4. Dynasty versus Dynasty.

-5. Happy Birthday greetings to MLA.

And these are meant to signify their qualities as lawmakers.

We need the media, civil society, citizens, candidates and parties to step up and fulfill their Constitutional Responsibility towards an Informed vote.

Please publish the qualifications of the candidates that will assure the Voter, - skilled legislators in the Goa Assembly 2022.

Goa's immediate challenges are:

1. Climate Change.

2. Biodiversity Conservation.

3. Economic Depression.

4. Communal Divisions.

5. Appropriate Employment.

6. Income Disparity.

7. Opportunity Disparity.

8. Gender Inequality.

9. Gender Violence.

10. Insecurity amongst the Elderly.

11. Sustainable Tourism.

12. Water Insecurity.

13. Food Dependence.

14. Public Transportation.

15. Quality healthcare for all.

16. Quality education for all.

17. Equitable infrastructure for electricity, internet, water and


18. Efficient welfare schemes.

19. Modern communications, strategy and coordination for ministries, departments, civic corporations and panchayats.

20. Depressed and frustrated taxpayers.

These 20 economic dislocations can only be addressed by skilled legislators.

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