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Development my foot!!!!! white elephants and white horses say majority of Cuncolim people


  • Dear friends,

It's elections time once again and the politicians will come out of their hibernation and will make tall and false claims of development and social work done during the time of their hibernation period of five years

Some of them whose fathers were once in power will say that they have done a lot of infrastructural development which no one could do in the past, and intend to do a lot in the future if reelected once again to power.

In our village of Cuncolim it’s between the performers and the non performers, the insiders and the outsider's (sons of the soil ) today people of Cuncolim are divided into two, those that are with the insiders and those that are with the outsiders in the name of development.

The outsiders group says that there is a lot of infrastructural development done by the outsider which the insiders could not even maintain when in power.

The insider's group claims that the development done is unplanned and that the projects are nothing but white elephants and white horses.

The school play ground (sports complex) and the Cuncolim bus stand are the dream projects of Mr Arecio D'souza the then MLA of our village for which the land was acquired,but could not complete the projects because he lost in the ensuing elections to mr Joaquim Alemao.

In the year 2007 Mr Joaquim Alemao again got reelected and became the Urban development minister and implemented the above mentioned projects and many more in the name of development which are unplanned, and are additional burden on the tax payer and the common citizens of Cuncolim which we all Cuncolcars terms as unplanned development and White Elephants.

Now why I call this development as unplanned and white Elephant's is because all this units does not generate any revenue to the concern department to whom these projects are handed over to.

Take for e.g electricity supply was disconnected to the sports complex for nonpayment of electricity bills to tune of crores of Rs. by the electricity dept and the SAG to whom the sports complex is handed over could not pay the bills as no additional funds were allocated to the SAG for its maintenance, hence it is unplanned development and a White Elephant.

The bus stand lacks maintenance because the KTC cannot maintain it as no revenue is being generated by the bus stand and is a major hub for antisocial activities like drug addiction, and prostitution and hence another White Elephant

The Cuncolim Municipal hall which was supposed to be a major revenue generating unit to the CMC is lying idle because it has got no A/C, no proper sound system and floor of the hall has got no inclination and was supposed to be to a hall of that stature. The Cuncolim market is not maintained the roofing is in shambles and may collapse at any given point of time.

The freedom fighters memorial children park has gone to dust due to lack of maintenance.

The cemented roads, the Singapore lights, the multipurpose hall, these projects are additional burden on the citizens of Cuncolim. after all this is said and done, my only opinion is that all the citizens of Cuncolim, and the members on this group are the best judge's


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