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Death looms large on Cuncolim jogging track as floodlights danger hangs over head

You need vigilant people to bring a few faults to the surface and point out the danger which awaits us in the open and point it out to the concerned authorities and urge them to take remedial steps.

Cuncolim has a handful of them…..Khabir Moraes and Jerriton ( Jerry ) Dias are two kind souls who may be miles away from Cuncolim but have been able to reach out through their network and bail out Cuncolim and its people from the dangerous situations which await them.

Take the recent case of the heavy and dangerous floodlights of Cuncolim jogging track which are dangling overhead and which might crash any moment on the joggers using the jogging track.

It was Jerriton who has taken pictures of the dangerous lights and some other kind soul has put up a noticeboard warning the joggers of the dangers of the handling floodlights. Jerriton pictures have since been shared by Khabir Moaraes on social media, a sailor by profession and whose ship is currently docked in a small port somewhere in the Netherlands.

Khabir has not stopped at just posting on social media but has since dashed off a letter to the Director of Sports Vandana Rao copy of which he has also been emailed to Chief Minister of Goa and Local MLA and also to another influencer and social activist from Cuncolim and film director Milroy Goes.

In his letter Khabir has said: “This is to inform you that the mast floodlights, which are situated in the Cuncolim Football ground premise

s are in very bad shape, and could fall anytime on the ground causing injury or even death. It is a very serious matter and it must be rectified at the earliest.”

Khabir’s message on facebook reads like this:


✅This is our Cuncolim jogging track, and the track is not safe. My good friend and vigilant cuncolcar Jerry Dias send me this picture today. The extremely heavy floodlights are in a bad condition and may fall anytime, causing INJURY or even DEATH to anyone.

✅ My humble request to everyone is to REFRAIN from using the track until the lights are fixed by concerned authorities.

✅I don't know who placed the notice there, but it's a good deed. (Whoever has done it🙏) THANK YOU

⭕REQUESTING people to get involved to initiate action to felicitate the repairs.

NB: I will be writing a letter to the concerned authorities at the earliest.



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