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Cuncolim: Will it be repeat of 2012 in 2022 for BJP, or will TMC open its account???

The Bharatiya Janata Party candidate Subhash alias Rajan Naik emerged victorious from Cuncolim only on the strength of the votes that he polled in the Cuncolim Municipal Council and Balli Village Panchayat areas. While he trailed at third position in four panchayat areas and was in the second position at one, he swept the Balli Pancha

yat area.

In the three booths of Macasana where the BJP polled only 84 votes, it was positioned fourth with Independent candidate John Monteiro leading with 630 votes followed by Joaquim Alemao who polled 410 and Independent candidate Milagres Gonsalves was in the third position with 92 votes. Of the total votes polled in this village, while John Monteiro got 49.45 per cent, Joaquim Alemao got 32.18 per cent followed by Milagres Gonsalves who got 7.22 per cent and Rajan Naik got a mere 6.59 per cent of the votes.

In the four booths of Paroda panchayat, the BJP was ranked second with 683 votes while Joaquim Alemao led with 721 votes followed by John Monteiro who polled 516 votes. In terms of percentage of votes, Joaquim Alemao got 35.30 per cent, Rajan Naik got 33.44 per cent while John Monteiro got 25.26 per cent.

In the two booths of Ambaulim panchayat, John Monteiro ranked first with 554 votes followed by Joaquim Alemao who polled 534 votes while the BJP was placed third with only 392 votes. The percentage of votes in this village works out as: John Monteiro – 35.49 per cent, Joaquim Alemao – 34.20 per cent and Rajan Naik – 25.11 per cent.

In Balli panchayat it was clean sweep by the BJP as it got 1,131 votes as against the 819 polled by Joaquim Alemao and only 119 polled by John Monteiro which works out to 65.30 per cent of the votes for BJP, 47.28 per cent for Joaquim Alemao and only 6.87 per cent for John Monteiro.

In the Cuncolim Municipal Council area, the BJP reversed the trend and took a lead by polling 4,789 votes which is 44.71 per cent of the votes cast there. Joaquim Alemao who got 3,181 votes was at the second position with only 29.69 per cent of the votes in the town while John Monteiro was placed at the third position with 1,482 votes which translates into 13.83 per cent of the votes cast there.

In Guirdolim, it was John Monteiro leading in all the three booths and the total votes he got in this village was 799 giving him 38.69 per cent of the votes cast there. He was followed by Joaquim Alemao who was at the second position in all the three booths garnering only 21.59 per cent of the votes which totaled to 446. Rajan Naik was at the third position with 321 votes which translates into 15.54 votes.

In Cavorim Chandor panchayat, Joaquim Alemao led in three of the four booths but in the overall tally was again placed at the second position with John Monteiro having polled 652 votes in the village leading there. While John Monteiro got 36.77 per cent of the votes in this village, Joaquim Alemao was close behind with 36.04 per cent votes which totaled to 639. Rajan Naik with 228 votes, got only 12.85 per cent share. Incidentally, Joaquim Alemao led in Cotta where he got 163 votes against the 161 polled by John Monteiro, in Igorjebhat, Culasbhat and Mena Covatem area he got 162 votes while John Monteiro polled 159 and in Molla Sailabhat and Covatem areas Joaquim Alemao got 181 votes against John Monteiro’s 156. Only Cavorim area comprising Voily 1, Voily 2, Voily 3, Cansraxir, Gotmorod, Donemoll and Bindimol; gave John Monteiro a lead in the village where his 176 votes against Joaquim Alemao’s 133 votes, gave him an overall lead in the village.

It is indeed quite difficult to believe that despite being a sitting MLA and the Minister for Urban Development, Joaquim Alemao could not get a lead in most of the booths including those in the municipal areas of Cuncolim.

The booths other than the three from Cavorim Chandor where Joaquim Alemao got a lead are: Booth No. 13 in Paroda covering the area of Coriada, Mulem, Taichoguno, Modemwado, Curpem and Agramoros where former South Goa Zilla Panchayat Chairperson Clafasio Dias was handling the affairs for him. While Joaquim Alemao polled 285 votes here, John Monteiro got only 174 and the BJP got 106.

In Cuncolim Municipal area, Joaquim Alemao led in Booth No. 21 covering the areas of Josegal, Mollanguinim and Pairabandh where he got 214 votes while Rajan Naik got 174. Similarly in Booth No. 27 covering the areas of Dandora Joaquim Alemao led as he polled 208 votes against Rajan Naik’s 138 and in Booth No. 31 covering Moquim, Salmadem, Odi and Chamramudi; Joaquim Alemao had lead as he polled 157 votes against the 98 polled by Rajan Naik. Incidentally John Monteiro who hails from this area was in the second position with 129 votes. In Booth No. 35 covering parts of Comba Central and Poitomadem Joaquim Alemao had a slender lead as he polled 235 votes against the 224 polled by Rajan Naik while in Booth No. 36 covering Masconim, Takaband and Gulleacotto he polled 112 votes while RajanNaik got only 57 votes and John Monteiro was in the second position with 65 votes.

Although he was placed second in Ambaulim village after John Monteiro, Joaquim Alemao had a lead in Booth No. 38 covering the areas of Baman Bhat, Godgal and Chinchemol where he got 323 votes while John Monteiro was close behind with 316 votes.

Rajan Naik also scored with the postal ballots where he got 110 votes while Joaquim Alemao got 70 and John Monteiro got 19.

Overall in the constituency, the final tally was as follows:

Candidate Total Votes %tage of Votes

Rajan Naik (BJP) 7,738 votes 37.91 per cent

Joaquim Alemao (INC) 6,428 votes 31.49 per cent

John Monteiro (Ind) 4,771 votes 23.37 per cent

Milagres Gonsalves (Ind) 683 votes 3.34 per cent

Rony Rodrigues (Ind) 605 votes 2.96 per cent

Jose Fernandes (UGDP) 529 votes 2.59 per cent

Mario Moraes (AITC) 335 votes 1.60 per cent

Derick Dias (JD-U) 85 votes 0.41 per cent

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