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Cuncolim Union Sports Complex: Good Samaritan clears the wild shurbs around the facility

Huge relief for sports children training at the venue and apprecitation from parents for the job done,

No job is impossible, only you did dedication and passion

Cuncolim Union Sports Complex cleared off of all the wild shurbs........ who did it and how he did is a story worth telling.

"If there is a will there is a way even if you are thousands of miles away from Cuncolim. You can do the job."

And that precisely what a passionate sportsmen and activist has done. He has cleared all the wild shurbs which dotted the Cuncolim Union Complex by hiring the services of an individual, who undertakes such works in and around Cuncolim.

The Complex and its surroundings are befert of all the shurbs which gave it a ugly look. The hockey players training on the basketball court are happy and so are the parents of the children who come to train in Karate and hockey at the complex.

"If you don't put your heart and soul in anything you do, you will always have excuses," that is the parting message from the person who made it happens even though he sailing over the oceans and is miles and miles away from Cuncolim.

Lets keep the spirit going and many may be inspired by the work of this gentleman....may their tribe increase manifold.

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