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Cuncolim: The land of revolutionaries faces industrial pollution, says Herald report

CUNCOLIM: The historical constituency, Cuncolim, especially Chandor and Ambaulim villages yearn for development, say locals.

Cuncolim constituency includes Cuncolim municipal area, Chandor, Macazana, Guirdolim, Paroda, Ambaulim and Balli panchayat areas and has 29,419 voters.

The constituency has many unresolved issues but the primary problem the locals live in is the pollution from the Cuncolim Industrial Estate and doubling tracking at Guirdolim.

Thousands of tonnes of hazardous waste are lying at the industrial estate due to which

land and water gets polluted; polluting fish meal plants. The industrial estate was to solve the unemployment problem and motivate local businessmen but polluting industries came up instead.

Cuncolim was announced to be an educational hub. “Work has started to build the NIT complex, but does one NIT make it an educational hub. The educational institutions here are deprived of basic facilities,” say locals.

The National Highway passing through Cuncolim town is narrow, which causes traffic jams regularly. The planned six-lane highway from Patradevi to Pollem had included a bypass from Dandewado to Balli. Its 15 years now but the best alternate bypass alignment yet to be seen. Cuncolim need a well-planned bypass road which will resolve the traffic congestion problems.

Cuncolim believe if Pairaband Lake could be developed for tourist attraction, it would bring employment opportunities to locals.

Ambaulim panchayat is majorly populated by Scheduled Tribes but the desired benefits of Tribal Welfare Schemes have not reached them yet.

In Paroda panchayat suffers illegal hill cutting and illegal construction in this panchayat area.

The biggest problem plaguing the people of Guirdolim and Chandor is the railway double tracking, coal transportation and transportation of mining through the village roads.

Cuncolim once known for its fertile land and agricultural activities, now unfortunately remain barren. Locals feel save fertile land should be saved by promoting agriculture activities.

Locals say that the first revolt of Cuncolim against foreign power has not been recognized by the State even today and that it needs to be included in history books.

Cuncolim constituency is geographically dispersed. With the exception of Cuncolim municipal area and four wards of Balli panchayat, other panchayats have no connection with each other

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