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Cuncolim revolt will find place in history books: CM

27 Feb 2021 | 05:57am IST

Cuncolim revolt will find place in history books: CM

Team Herald

CUNCOLIM: We are proud of Cuncolim first Revolt of 1583. Cuncolkars brave act of war against mighty Portuguese way back in 1583 and Cuncolkars revolutionary action helped Goa to gain liberation, said Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant.

Speaking at the inauguration function of Cuncolim Municipal Council commercial building, the Chief Minister said, “Cuncolim’s brave history needs to be recognised and the government is recognising Cuncolim history.

“In this year or coming year Cuncolim history will find a place in history books,” the Chief Minister promised.

Sawant said, “I salute those brave warriors who laid down their life for Swarajya. 1583 Cuncolim Revolt is first Revolt in country against foreign rule and need to be recognised in History books.”

The Chief Minister also said that the pending demand for full-fledged Fire Station will be met shortly.

He said that the Fire Station will be set at Cuncolim IDC in PWD land within three months and promised a signature project of Rs one crore to CMC on Goa’s 60th Liberation year.

The Chief Minister said, “Our motto is to bring human development along with infrastructural development. We promised to reach out every ward and every citizen. We need to take the government facilities and want to fulfil basic needs of every citizen.”

Sawant criticised those who oppose development projects. People need electricity, good roads and other facilities and some those who do not want to see this development are opposing it on the name of environment.

The Chief Minister requested the Cuncolkars to strengthen the hands of local MLA.

Local MLA Clafacio Dias informed that his decision to quit Congress was right decision. During the Congress time I was sidelined now in BJP government I am happy and the CM is helping me for my constituency development.

“Opposition are simply putting fear in the voters mind saying BJP is communal party which is wrong I had seen and experienced that BJP is party which gives equal justice to all,” he added.

The Chief Minister inaugurated the Cuncolim Municipal Council commercial building, which is built under Goa State Urban Development Agency (GSUDA) funds by spending 15 crore. The ground plus two floor building has 42 shops, 36 offices, one mini hall and underground parking facility.

Former MLA Rajan Naik, Administrator of CMC Filorina Collasso, Chief Officer Violet Gomes, ME Vinay Dessai, former chairperson Videsh Dessai and former councillors were present.

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