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Cuncolim landfill site: More danger in store

Cuncolim landfill site: More danger in store

The opposition to the construction of landfill site in Cuncolim village has been gaining momentum. However, officials claim that more danger is in store if the hazardous waste is not transferred to the landfill site before the onset of the monsoon.

OPPOSITION TO the construction of the hazardous landfill site by two polluting industries – Nicomet Industries Limited and Sun Rise Zinc Limited – is in the eye of the storm in South Goan village of Cuncolim. The opposition has been gaining momentum with every passing day. But company officials said that more danger was in the offing if tonnes and tonnes of hazardous waste, now lying dumped in the factory premises, was not allowed to be treated and dumped at the waste fill site before the onset of the monsoon.

In Focus “If the waste is not transferred to the landfill site before the rainy season, then more contamination of the land and water resources will occur. The Cuncolim industrial area being on a higher level, the damage will occur over a radius of 10 kilometres as rain water will carry the affluent over a distance,” said Trivikram Netravelkar, who was at the construction site when a reporter visited the site to get a clear picture over the landfill site. He brushed aside the fears of effluents from the landfill site contaminating the water resources. “The landfill is something good, which is happening. We are taking all precautions. Besides five layers of different sands and clays, the landfill site will be covered with five layers of metal covering. Everything is being done under the supervision of Nagpur-based National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) officials.” Nicomet Industries, one of the two polluting industries, which had been ordered to shut down by the Goa bench of the Mumbai High Court in November last year on pollution related issues, got a fresh reprieve with the Supreme Court lifting the ban in April this year. Earlier the Pollution Control Board (PCB) had cracked the whip in 2006, declaring the closure of three industries – Sunrise Zinc Limited, Nicomet Industries Limited and Karthik Alloys Limited, but all the three industries were subsequently allowed to start operations. Residents are up in arms against the landfill site, as the pollution control board has approved the site without any public hearing. Goa does not have any hazardous waste fill site and the one at Dhanbadora in North Goa is yet to be completed. Cuncolim village has been suffering from pollution related issues from the industries, which first set shop in this village in the early 90s

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