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CUNCOLIM INCIDENT: Follow labourers safety measures at construction sites

CUNCOLIM INCIDENT: Follow labourers safety measures at construction sites

Assuring safety precautions at construction sites gain great significance. More so, proper care must be taken where labourers work at higher locations.

On many occasions, we find labourers at construction sites working without any safety kit such as safety belt, helmet, etc. on their person. Under such circumstances they are likely to fall to the ground by losing balance.

Work of outside plastering, plumbing and even painting involves great risk. Hence taking safety precautions need to be given utmost importance. Any mishap that ought to occur sooner or later will ultimately result in adverse consequences like severe injuries and even death of innocent lives.

Recently, the Cuncolim police booked an offence against the concerned contractor engaged in the work of an under construction building at Maddicotta, Cuncolim in connection with the death of a construction labourer while carrying out plastering work on the second floor of the school building.

The said worker accidentally fell and suffered serious injuries. Later on, he lost his precious life. The authorities granting permission for constructing huge structures should carry out surprise visits to construction sites at different locations to get acquainted with the safety measures taken by the concerned contractors with respect to workers working at greater heights.

Those found overlooking the measures should be penalised severely at once. Of course, proper safety precautions at construction sites must be emphasised at all costs.

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