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Cuncolim Garbage Treatment Plant ….. journalists need to go to the root of the garbage menace in and around Industrial Estate

Cuncolim municipality collects garbage house to house and have got a garbage treatment plant close to Cuncolim Industrial Estate, but not much is heard on how it treats or disposes off the wet and dry garbage.

Do they end up making compost and selling others materials like glass, plastics and metal to some scarp dealers or companies which turn put them to reuse.

There is an urgent need to come clear on these issues, so that responsibility is fixed and fears of Cuncolim Garabge treatment plant turning into another Margao mess at Sonsoddo garbage dump is nipped in the bud. How the Cuncolim municipality treat the garbage at the Garbage treatment plan ..... wet and dry garbage....... no one has a clue. Khabir Moraes had done a video story on the functioning of the plant a couple of years back. There is an urgent need for some of the video journalists of the area Prudent Media Goa365 TV Dainik Gomantak TV Dainik Herald to do an in-depth story on how the wet and dry garbage is treated at the plant. How the glass bottles, the metal waste is disposed, is there a log book maintained on what is sold as waste to scrap dealers...... the glass bottles and metal waste where it ends up. How the wet waste is treated and what is the end product is any compost generated from the wet waste???? Where the plastic waste is disposed off, or sold to some companies or firms. Some areas which are the grey areas in terms of management of waste at Cuncolim Industrial Estate.

Will the authorities rise to the challenge and take the video journalists on a tour of the garbage treatment plant and show to the world the working procedures in place in terms of functioning of the plant and also its products and how they dispose of the scrap materials.

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