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Cuncolim Church illumination done under Joaquim Alemao goes wrong for non-payment of bills

Goa State Urban Development Agency (GSUDA), Municipality or Cuncolim church who should foot the bill
Electricity department cuts power supply for non-payment of bills, not restored for last 13 years
Lights waiting to be transferred to a scrap yard
Playing with religious sentiments
Using places of worship to garner votes
Joaquim legacy
Cuncolim church lights descends into darkness
Development or white elephant

The much hyped Cuncolim Church illumination has slipped into darkness. Who is responsible for this mess? Who are the persons who gave the go ahead to install lights around the church? Was the church a part to this? Certainly not, the church and the Fabrica were not part of the decision process, a member confirmed to CuncolimNews. The decision was simply pushed on the doors of the Church. Were the local representatives ----the then Cuncolim MlA Joaquim Alemao, who was also the Urban development minister, the then chairperson of Cuncolim Municipality or SUDA, the department which came under Joaquim Alemao, make any financial and administrative planning before the lights of such magnitude and cost were installed……is a million dollar question. Fiscal management of a project after it is complete is certainly not a cup of tea for politicians……and that held true for people who have shouting from roof tops about development, but that development is turning to be a egg on their face. Some say the lights were installed not for any particular love for the church ---- the institution or for the catholic community but for self glorification and to garner votes on these glittering lights. Sadly the lights have faded into oblivion for nonpayment of bills running into lakhs. Who was suppose to foot the bill the church, which never asked them to be installed or the departments coming under the then minister Joaquim Alemao…. Goa State Urban Development Agency (GSUDA) or the cash starved Cuncolim municipality. There was no written communication with the church as to who will pay the bill…this is what is called as haphazard planning. This was clearly was a publicity stunt which is falling like a rotten egg on some of the politicians face now.

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